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The Bay Area Restaurants We Loved in April


If there’s one thing you must know about the people who work at Resy, it’s that we genuinely love restaurants. We love how they bring folks together. We love how they help us celebrate. We love how they help us get through tough times. We love how they’re there for us.

So, we thought … why not share our favorite spots and Pro tips more regularly? Here are our Bay Area team’s picks from the past month or so.

The atmosphere in Popoca was beautiful and airy …

There was a great view of the wood-burning oven, and the service was extremely warm and attentive. We got the pollo campero (crispy chicken wings); squid ceviche dressed with pepperoncini, pupusas, carne asada, and camarones; and the Salvadoran cheese bread with sipping chocolate for dessert. Pro tip: Don’t get tied to any dishes you might see online because their menu changes daily, but the pupusas are a mainstay and are can’t-miss.

Kimia Azimi, Implementation Manager


If I could eat a pizza or two weekly …

I would spend all of my time at Buddy for their Jules Pizza pop-up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Regardless, I try to stop in Buddy as much as possible because their low ABV cocktail menu and gilda dip is hands-down to-die-for. So when you find yourself needing a good pie and some excellent vino, the move is to belly up to the bar at Buddy and kill two birds on a Tuesday and tell all your friends about it.

Cody Goetze, Senior Regional Manager


Every last bite was perfect …

At Abacá. We ate a bunch of BBQ sticks, squash fritters, sisig fried rice, pig ear carpaccio, and short rib adobo. The flavors were truly incredible, and the squash fritters were an unexpected favorite. Pro tip: Don’t skip the cocktails — they’re all super fun, especially the thoughtful non-alcoholic options, like the Calamansi Faux Daiquiri.

Randi Wenig, Bay Area Restaurant Success Manager


On a warm evening, there’s nothing like the rooftop at …

Good Good Culture Club. It just feels so good to be up there. And then it gets better once the procession of dishes and drinks start arriving: Tuna tataki speckled with laab seasoning, the makrut-laced tiger shrimp salad, that signature chicken wing, and always flawless cocktails. The cooking here is so unique, precise, and confident. And the tightest service, always.

Paolo Lucchesi, Resy Editorial Director


The space Laura and Sayat have built is truly remarkable…

And their menu at Dalida in the Presidio is an even bigger standout, with their uni and trout roe tahdig, mushroom tabouleh, and arayes burger. The level of cooking and hospitality are reminiscent of some of the best meals I’ve had in my life. If you’re able to snag a reservation, I would highly encourage you to hit Dalida for lunch or dinner.

Cody Goetze, Senior Regional Manager


Spring is in full bloom across the city

And especially at Outerlands. Sit outside and enjoy the ocean air. Slow down for an hour or two. Say hello to all the good dogs. Get your spring vegetables fix alongside some of the best fresh bread in town.

Paolo Lucchesi, Resy Editorial Director