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Weekly Specials: Alicia’s Tamales, Ben Feldman, The Week in José, and Much More


Welcome back to Weekly Specials, a show to inspire you and maybe even make you smile, produced by Resy and the Welcome Conference.

As you know, the restaurant world is weathering an unprecedented storm. But the industry is mobilizing in myriad amazinginspirational, and selfless ways. We hope this little show can share some of these stories, and perhaps be a light-filled break from the darkness. (See also: Episode One, Episode Two)

This week’s episode shares the powerful story of Alicia Villanueva, who runs Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas in the Bay Area. Also on the weekly lineup: Christina Tosi, “Mad Men” star Ben Feldman, Hamdi Ulukaya, the way that José Andrés blew our minds this week, and many more tidbits that will make you smile. Enjoy.