The Kith/Kin team shares what they’re looking forward to.

Washington D.C.

Weekly Specials: Kwame Onwuachi and the Kith/Kin staff, plus the one and only José Andrés


Welcome back to Weekly Specials!

Today, we share some feel-good stories about restaurants getting help from their communities, such as the diner who paid for a billboard aboard his favorite Detroit kebab shop and the Texas grocery store that is giving a lifeline to local restaurants.

Then, Kwame Onwuachi and the Kith/Kin staff stop by to share the things they are looking forward to.

And perhaps best of all, we have a landmark edition of our regular segment, The Week in José … featuring a very, very, very special guest.



We hope that all this can give you a smile during this time. Here’s the full episode:


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