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InterviewsLos Angeles

Brothers Sushi Brings A New Twist to Omakase in L.A.

Mark Okuda has spent his whole life not only in Japanese restaurants, but specifically in Japanese restaurants in the San…


Chef Eiji Ichimura.

Resy SpotlightNew York

The Making of a Sushi Master

New York is in the grips of an omakase explosion. Every month, it seems like dozens of new sushi omakase…


Jōji chef-partner Wayne Cheng preparing o-toro.

InterviewsNew York

The Secrets Behind an Omakase: Everything That Goes Into a Single Piece of Tuna

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a sushi omakase? We quizzed Wayne Cheng, one of three chef-partners…


The ClassicsLos Angeles

The History of Omakase in Los Angeles, As Told Through 10 Restaurants

Los Angeles is ground zero for some of the most important moments in America’s sushi history, including the first U.S.…


GuidesSan Francisco

The Bay Area Guide to Sushi Omakase For Every Occasion

Omakase translates roughly to “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese and stems from the verb “to entrust.” Choosing…


Resy SpotlightNational

At Its Best, Omakase Becomes Special Because of Human Connection

Every time I visit Sakai Shokai, an upscale izakaya in Tokyo, the dinner never fails to delight. When I slide…


Omakase Yume in Chicago.


How Sangtae Park Is Changing the Way Chicagoans Think About Sushi

Chef Sangtae Park still remembers trying to convince people to try sushi omakase. More From Resy Meet the Resy Tastemakers…


Chefs Tetsuaki Otomo (Sushi Yasuda), Niki Vongthong (Hidden Omakase), Jesse Ito (Royal Sushi Omakase), Sangtae Park (Omakase Yume), and J. Trent Harris (Mujō).

Ask ResyNational

Top Chefs Explain Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Sushi Omakase

Welcome to Ask Resy, in which Team Resy (and friends!) answer your most burning questions on all topics food and…


Shion 69 Leonard Street chef Shion Uino.

Letter of RecommendationNew York

A Chef’s Ode to Sushi Omakase — and Shion 69 Leonard Street 

Douglas Kim is the chef and owner of Michelin-starred Jeju Noodle Bar in New York’s West Village, and when he’s…


GuidesNew York

The Resy Guide to Omakase in New York

New York City is blessed with an incredible variety and abundance of restaurants specializing in Japanese omakase dining. And while…

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