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What D.C. Chefs Loved and Learned About Dining This Year

It was an impressive year for dining in Washington, D.C. Not just the latest accolades but ever more and different…


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L.A. Restaurant Luminaries Look Back on the Year — and Look Ahead to 2024

Since this is that time of year when we reflect on all that’s transpired in the past 12 months, what…


Chefs Tetsuaki Otomo (Sushi Yasuda), Niki Vongthong (Hidden Omakase), Jesse Ito (Royal Sushi Omakase), Sangtae Park (Omakase Yume), and J. Trent Harris (Mujō).

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Top Chefs Explain Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Sushi Omakase

Welcome to Ask Resy, in which Team Resy (and friends!) answer your most burning questions on all topics food and…