Photos courtesy of Bloomsday Cafe, Mesina Social Club, and Sarah Maiellano.

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The Philly Restaurants Loved by Team Resy


It finally feels like summer, and Resy staffers throughout the city are taking advantage of the good weather to taste the best of everything Philly has to offer. From incredible, approachable tasting menus at a South Philly gem to one of the city’s best happy hour deals, here are all the spots Team Resy loved dining out at this past month.

This spot is such a hidden gem in South Philly …

Messina Social Club offers an unforgettable dining experience. The tasting menu is always a delight with familiar flavors balanced by unique textures and fun experimental takes on classic dishes. Their pastas are a must-try, truly a chef’s kiss. The dark, charming, and cozy vibes add to the allure, making it a perfect spot to unwind. With a wide selection of cocktails and mocktails from their talented bar team, there’s something for everyone. Pro tip: you need a membership to dine here, but the friendly staff are on standby to assist!

— Alice TranTrade Events & Experiences


I got a sneak preview of …

Chef Tyler Akin’s soon-to-be-opening restaurant, Bastia, that’s coming to Fishtown this summer, at Laurel, and it was a glorious hint of summer fare in a fine-dining setting. I dug into a smoky, saucy whole lobster and it was everything: I put my hair up, tucked my cloth napkin into my collar, cracked some claws, and got pretty messy. I can’t wait to dine at Bastia once it opens.

Sarah Maiellano, Contributing Writer, Resy Editorial


Everything here is cooked to order with love …

And it really feels like you’re eating in the family’s kitchen when you dine at Autana in Ardmore, Penn. Philadelphia has several Venezuelan spots for street food and fast casual options (like Puyero and Arepa Grub Spot) but Autana, which opened during the pandemic, stands out as a sit-down café with traditional, home cooked, family-centered meals, delivering a full brunch, lunch, and dinner experience tucked away in an Ardmore mini mall. It’s a family-run restaurant that exudes Latin American generosity and hospitality. Maria José Hernández Urribarrí is the daughter and runs the front of the house, while her mother (also named Maria) runs the kitchen, and cousins help as servers, too. They really care about the quality of the food, and it shows with each plate — everything was hot right out of the kitchen, not greasy, and super flavorful.

We quickly devoured the appetizer platter with tequeños (fried white cheese wrapped in filo dough), mandocas (sweet plantains topped with crumbly cheese), empanadas (mini cornmeal turnovers filled with assorted meats and vegetables). Then we each got our own pabellón bowls stacked with white rice, black beans, cheese, fried plantains, salad, and proteins. We also fell in love with their papelón con limón tamarind beverage — it was super refreshing and delicious.

Bring an appetite or prepare to share everything. Portions are large and family-style, which means everyone gets a bite. The food is just as good the next day for leftovers. Pro tip: Autana is BYOB and my group agreed that a shot of Tenango rum in the papelón con limón is a pro move. Autana was an amazing lunch choice but I’m excited to return for dinner soon.

Alisha Miranda, Contributing Writer, Resy Editorial

Everyone wants an omakase seat at Royal Sushi Omakase but …

The closest gem is parking up in the dining room. A must-get is the chirashi bowl: seasoned rice, nori, tons of fish that’s shared on the coveted omakase menu, and caviar to boot. It’s an easy share amongst friends, and while it may seem pricey, it’s easily the best bang for your buck. Other honorable mentions are the tuna guac, any of the grilled vegetables, and the spicy pickles.

Khoran Horn, Sales Development Representative and Chef


Happy Hour at Bloomsday Cafe never disappoints …

We have young kids and the team at Bloomsday always make us feel so welcome when we pop in for an early drink and some snacks. The ambience is laid back, the wine list always has an array of fun options, and the service is warm and speedy for when we’re trying to get back for bedtime. During happy hour, the smash burger is a steal at $7, oysters are $2 a piece, and the patatas bravas are a must order for $5. It doesn’t hurt that they also have amazing vermouths on the menu (which my wife loves) and the outdoor tables look out over Head House Square, where you can watch the world pass by over the cobblestoned streets. Cheers!

Tom DixonRestaurant Success Manager


Having eaten at Kalaya’s original 30-ish seat location in South Philly …

I was always hopeful that Kalaya would retain the same magic at their newer Fishtown digs. Our group filled with chefs found that the glow-up not only fit chef Nok Suntaranon’s big-hearted personality, but the blank canvas let her totally flex on the menu, too.

She absolutely crushed us, each dish more punchy, playful, and dialed-in than the next. There are some nights that make dining out at restaurants truly special, and with chef Nok gracefully commanding the room, I was lucky to have one of those nights at Kalaya.

Drew Nordstrom, Senior Manager, Strategic Restaurant & Industry Partnerships


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