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Martinis at Camphor

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10 Changes That Defined the Last Decade of Dining in America

Resy turns 10 years old this summer, and we’re celebrating with a cross-country series of special experiences. A lot has…


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The Resy Guide to the Women-Owned Restaurants of New York

Women do so much of the essential work in restaurants. And yet women struggle for recognition and visibility in so…

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Everywhere You’ll Want to Eat in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

With tree-lined streets and brownstones as far as the eye can see, Bedford-Stuyvesant, aka Bed-Stuy, is a special kind of…


Little Grenjai soup

The RundownNew York

Everything You Need to Know About Bed-Stuy’s Little Grenjai

One of the city’s most beloved roving pop-ups finally found a home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn last fall and in this…