The options for dim sum in New York are seemingly endless. Here’s a guide to some of the best. Photo by Michael Tulipan, courtesy of Congee Dim Sum House

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The Resy Guide to Dim Sum in New York

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Dim sum got its start in New York more than 100 years ago when Nom Wah Tea Parlor first opened, and ever since, it’s slowly become a brunch staple for New Yorkers far and wide — a feat for a city where brunch is like a religion.

And right now, dim sum is experiencing a true renaissance with an ever-growing choice of restaurants and experiences. Traditional dim sum parlors still invite locals and tourists alike for the sports-like brunch experience, while newcomers preserving and refining the craft of dim sum experiment with unconventional ingredients and presentation. Who says foie gras can’t make its way into dim sum? And why can’t dim sum be fast-casual, too?

With such a burgeoning dim sum scene here in New York, your options are limitless. From Michelin-endorsed Little Alley to old-school establishments like Jing Fong, this guide has it all.

Newly added: Dim Sum Palace – 123 William Street , Yum Cha, and Tuome.