Chinese New Year Takeout for Two, Presented by Luckyrice, American Express, and Resy


In celebration of Lunar New Year, Resy and American Express are offering exclusive curated take-home dinners for two in partnership with Luckyrice.

Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays celebrated throughout China, the Chinese diaspora, and much of Asia. This festival commemorates the first new moon of the lunar calendar, and is celebrated with family feasts, lion and dragon dances, fireworks, and the exchange of lucky red envelopes. An emphasis is placed on symbolic foods that are believed to bring health, prosperity, luck, and fortune.

Over the weekend of February 12, Luckyrice has partnered with eight of the top Chinese restaurants in America to curate special take-home dinners to celebrate Chinese New Year. These at-home dining menus will be available exclusively through Resy. To enhance your festivities, guests who purchase will receive a gift tote with every order commemorating the Year of the Ox with special symbolic goodies inside to help you further celebrate and learn more about the holiday at home.



HWA YUAN SZECHUAN, NYC ($150/2 people)

  • Three Joys: cold sesame noodles, fried dumplings, tangy crispy beef
  • Mushroom soup
  • Beijing duck
  • Rack of lamb, Sichuan style
  • Tiger shrimp with spicy ginger sauce
  • Supreme Broth baby bok choy
  • Boiled glutinous rice balls in fermented glutinous rice
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13 | FEB. 14



  • Fu Guay Chao Yuan Zi: Wealthy stir-fried rice balls (MSI)
  • Zhu Jiao Mian Xian: Braised heritage pork knuckle in superior broth & long noodles (Win Son)
  • Huang Jin Dan Su Bai Cai Lu: Golden egg and cabbage (MSI)
  • Feng Li Su: Buttery shortbread cookies & roasted pineapple jam (Win Son)
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13 | FEB. 14



  • Formosa spring rolls
  • Egg noodle dumplings
  • Long-life noodles
  • Orange chicken
  • Sesame balls
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13 | FEB. 14



  • Boneless glutinous rice-stuffed chicken wings with fried basil
  • Red cooked DongPo pork with rose petal buns
  • Steamed ginger black cod with jiu niang and wilted spinach
  • New Year’s celestial nian guo year cake ‘gnocchi’ & chives
  • Chocolate stuffed peach ‘longevity’ steamed buns, candied perilla
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13 | FEB. 14   


MAKETTO, WASHINGTON D.C. ($88/2 people)

  • Whole roasted duck
  • Pan-fried pork buns
  • Ginger scallion rice
  • Spicy cucumbers
  • Ginger panna cotta
  • Steam bun set for duck
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13

KWEI FEI, CHARLESTON ($88/2 people)

  • Crescent dumplings: pork, chive, soy sauce, chile oil, cilantro
  • Turnip cakes with pickled mustard greens
  • Yi mian: noodles, chive, garlic, dark soy sauce, mushroom, bok choy
  • Suan cai yu: North Carolina catfish, fermented mustard greens, peppercorns, pickled wood ear
  • Nian gao: braised rice cakes, mushroom, leek, bok choy
  • Fen zheng rou: pork belly, lotus root, toasted rice meal
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13   


LUVI, NEW ORLEANS ($88/2 people)

Cold Dishes:

  • Smoked fish: Crispy fried pompano marinated in a soy-sugar glaze
  • Drunken shrimp: Poached Louisiana shrimp marinated in Chinese wine
  • Dark Forest: Fried tofu, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, and lily flower sautéed in Chinese dark soy sauce and rock sugar
  • Ginger chicken: Fresh poached chicken with ginger and green onion oil for dipping

Hot Dishes

  • Sweet ribs: Spareribs cooked in aged vinegar and sweet soy.
  • Shrimp and vegetable wonton: Baby bok choy, pork belly, and shrimp wonton in a hot broth
  • Scallion noodles: Chewy noodles served with roasted scallion oil on top
  • Sticky rice ball: Sticky rice ball with black sesame seed paste
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13


  • Sichuan pork dumplings, aromatic soy, chili oil
  • Spring rolls, shrimp, watercress, freshwater chestnut
  • Lion head meatball,  braised cabbage, clear broth
  • Pea shoots, chunky garlic, chilies
  • House-made longevity noodles, superior stock, tender leeks
  • Wild mushroom sticky rice, house-preserved vegetable
  • Red-braised pork short rib, mustard greens
  • Nian gao, toasted sesame, candied citrus
ORDER: FEB. 12 | FEB. 13 | FEB. 14


Terms & Conditions:  The price indicated covers event costs only. All sales are final and non-refundable, and resale is prohibited. Details and prices are subject to change. Packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability is limited.