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The 10 Restaurants That Defined Dallas Dining in 2023


We asked our contributors to the Resy Hit List to share their top dining experiences in their cities this year — namely, 10 restaurants that are helping to define the state of great dining right now. Please welcome back our Best of The Hit List for 2023. (You can find other cities’ top picks here.)

Dallas-Fort Worth’s dining climate in 2023 is a two-pronged reality, one that starts with us being the steakhouse capital of the world. Diners expect to feel a certain way — a way they don’t feel at home. So vibe dining has prevailed here long before neon lights and swings became typical restaurant decor. Escape, fantasy, razzle-dazzle: We love it, probably always will.

But we’re not just that. In the boiler room of talent in this town, we also have places pushing comfortable, down-to-earth fare, and in the best cases, trying to enact systemic changes in a post-pandemic world. And we’re growing. As well-funded restaurant groups move into some of our established restaurant hubs, up-and-comers are expanding into the corners of a metroplex that spans almost 10,000 square miles.

Hence, we have room for places like Mister Charles, with its fairytale dining room, along with Wriggly Tin, a no-tipping pizza joint and brewery in an under-utilized area of South Dallas. We also have the bandwidth for Georgie, with its new chef fresh from the French Laundry, along with Don Artemio, helmed by a second-generation protégé from Saltillo, Mexico.

Like few cities in America — Chicago, New York, and New Orleans perhaps — Dallas-Fort Worth walks a tightrope between luxury and grit with the skill of a well-heeled acrobat. In this consideration of the restraurants that defined dining for us this year, you’ll find 10 places — 11, actually! — that are pushing the needle, getting our dollars, and feeding us in the ways we crave on any given day.

10. Kitchen + Kocktails by Kevin Kelley

  • Downtown Dallas

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