Photo courtesy of Carbone Dallas


10 Splurge-Worthy Restaurants in Dallas


Whether your impression of Dallas comes from its steakhouse palaces, the Ewing family, or a skyline that rivals Sin City’s, the Big D has long been a place to live it up. Since the arrival of a railroad in the late 1800s, Dallas has grown into a major business center, transportation hub, and real estate hotbed that is part of a metroplex that houses seven professional sports teams. Matching the economy and hubbub are steakhouses, sushi bars, and tasting menus that can keep the pace with anywhere else in the nation.

The next time you want to feel — and eat — like the millionaire you were meant to be, use this guide to 10 restaurants in the Big City where you won’t regret the splurge. Ensuring that life isn’t all work and no play, these playgrounds serve a specific — and pleasurable — purpose. Whether you have the funds in your account is nobody’s business but your own.