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The One Who Keeps the Book

Welcome to The One Who Keeps The Book, a regular series that aims to answer that most important question: How do I get in? The first answer is Resy, of course. But every restaurant manages its tables differently and there are always secret tips, tricks, and shortcuts to be discovered. Here, we go straight to the source to get them for you.

How to Get a Table at Mister Charles in Dallas

Wearing a blazer and a silk neckerchief on a weekday afternoon, Duro Hospitality co-founder Chas Martin explains the keywords that…


The entrance and bar at the Mexican in Dallas.

How to Get Into the Mexican, and What to Order Once You’re There

The Mexican was the sort of opening that couldn’t possibly go unnoticed. With 15,000 square feet, head-turning design details, a Tequila…


How to Get Into Lucia in Dallas

Who in Dallas hasn’t heard of Lucia? Since opening in 2010, Jennifer and David Uygur’s small Bishop Arts restaurant has…