Secret Sauce: Burger Pro Tips from Virginia’s



Meat: We use a blend of 80-20 (80% lean, 20% fat) but you can really use whatever blend of meat you’d like. For best results, grind your meat yourself using a food processor or grinder attachment.

Seasoning: We don’t use any special marinades or seasonings on our meat, but what most restaurants do is season more aggressively than the average home cook. By seasoning the burger on all sides (not just top and bottom, remember the sides!), you’re able to really create a nice crust.

Bun: We use a brioche bun, but you can use whatever you’d like, or no bun at all to avoid gluten.  Butter lettuce wraps are a nice alternative.



Cooking: HEAT! Assuming you don’t have a super hot plancha like we do at Virginia’s, you’ll want to get a heavy cast-iron pan as hot as possible and use an oil with a high boiling point (like grapeseed oil). 

Toppings: Add sautéed onions, mayonnaise and whatever else you’d like and then pair it with a nice glass of red wine or a beer. We might recommend a nice IPA from Other Half, one of our favorites.