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Resy’s 50 Favorite Things of 2019


Here at Resy, our staff spans the globe from New York and San Francisco to London and Sydney, but we’ve all got one thing in common: We love restaurants. So, with another year of exploring under our belts, we thought we’d share some of our favorite dining experiences, dishes and moments from this year, the year that was.

  1. The fior di latte mochi at Don Angie, a dessert that passes off as a creamy burrata doused in olive oil. //New York
  2. The olive oil-drenched sfincione from Felix in Venice — the lightest, fluffiest focaccia ever. //Los Angeles
  3. Notifies at the ready: The wildly innovative (and impossible to book) chef’s counter at Tayēr + Elementary, one of the most talked-about experiences in London. //London
  4. Lunch at Rintaro, which is offered only three days a week and takes the form of beautiful teishoku sets. //San Francisco
  5. Madame Vo BBQ’s Bo 7 Mon, an all-inclusive Vietnamese feast where beef is served seven different ways. //New York
  6. The Hoagie Room at Pizzeria Beddia. It’s a two-hour, private pizza and hoagie “omakase” experience. //Philadelphia
  7. The “Coucou” song playing on a loop in the washroom of … Le Coucou. //New York
  8. That crispy rice salad at Night + Market. //Los Angeles
  9. Fried chicken at Atoboy. //New York
  10. The pizza phone at Off Color Brewing that rings directly to Pizzeria Bebu.//Chicago
  11. Canard à la presse, presented tableside at pasjoli. //Los Angeles
  12. Settling up at the Joe Beef bar for a lovely summer solo meal with veggies straight from the backyard garden. //Montreal
  13. The courtyard at Comedor, designed by architect Tom Kundig. //Austin
  14. The family-style “fiesta table” dinner at the Guam-inspired Prubechu. //San Francisco
  15. Brisket tacos on housemade tortillas at Suerte. //Austin

    Image Courtesy of Suerte
  16. All of the pasta at Corto. And the open kitchen — it feels like you’re dining at your grandma’s. //Jersey City
  17. The excellent $25 Monday Burger deal at Tetsu: draft beer, fries, and an insanely juicy lamb or beef burger. //New York
  18. Viet-Cajun baked oysters, followed by the porterhouse steak at Georgia James. //Houston
  19. The fancy tabletop butter curler at TAK Room. //New York
  20. The sticky tahini carrots by Alison Roman at the “Nothing Fancy” book dinner party at Marlow & Sons. //New York
  21. Fresh bread at Outerlands. It’s always on the menu in some form, but pro tip: also available as a whole loaf to go. //San Francisco
  22. A night at Beast, Naomi Pomeroy’s nose-to-tail dinner party. //Portland, OR
  23. An afternoon lounging with cheddar scallion scones and $6 happy hour cocktails at Oddfellows. //Seattle
  24. A mind-blowing snack at Ikoyi — plantain dusted in raspberry salt and served with a piquant scotch bonnet mayo. //London
  25. The t-shirt club at Lonesome Rose. //Chicago
  26. Peel ‘n eat shrimp with Old Bay and comeback sauce at Leon’s Oyster Shop. //Charleston
  27. A warming bowl of the oh-so-logical “wontonini” soup on a cold day under the Manhattan Bridge at Golden Diner. //New York
  28. Confiscating phones at Bistecca, Australia’s tech-free steak speakeasy. //Sydney
  29. At Elena, copping the coolest restaurant swag out there, alongside some killer pizza and natural wines. //Montreal
  30. This sequence at Wayan by Cédric Vongerichten: Lobster noodles, corn fritters, pandan custard. //New York
  31. The “celebrated” cheeseburger at Flood’s. //Portland, ME
  32. Kimchi jjigae at Insa. //Brooklyn
  33. The little ferry boat that takes you between Pier 6 and the ReelHouse. //Boston
  34. The vinyl collection and state-of-the-art soundproofing at Leroy (and the approachable wine list, of course). //London
  35. Menu spontané at Quince spinoff Verjus, set beneath a bright red ceiling like no other. //San Francisco

    Image Courtesy of Verjus Image Courtesy of Verjus
  36. Diving into the mind of chef Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly at neighborhood charmer Marconi with sweetbreads cooked in beeswax with sorrel and sea asparagus. //Montreal
  37. A perfect, aged Dexter beef cheeseburger at The Compton Arms, in an old school Islington boozer.
  38. The Charlie Palmer team putting childhood dishes on the menu for Off Menu Week, from the manager’s tripe tacos to the sous chef’s chicken pot pie. //New York
  39. The ever-popular, multi-plate Japanese breakfast at Cassava. //San Francisco
  40. Tableside Caesar salad at Dear John’s. //Los Angeles
  41. Rustic Canyon’s Beets & Berries, a superb dish with Morro Bay avocado, red quinoa and pistachios by Jeremy Fox. //Los Angeles
  42. Summer evenings at London’s iconic Rochelle Canteen, fueled by plenty of wine. //London
  43. The white pie at Una Pizza Napoletana. Juicy, garlicky, chewy, goodness. //New York
  44. Koda Farms chickpea curry and grilled spicy lamb breast at Cassia. //Los Angeles
  45. The silkiest mortadella at Soho standout Manteca. //London
  46. Estela’s endive walnut salad, which is now also available in Ignacio Mattos’ cookbook. //New York
  47. The fire cooking, be it grilled or smoked, at Dear Inga, San Francisco’s new Eastern European blockbuster. //San Francisco
  48. Dolcetto scherzetto — roasted squash raviolini — at Rezdôra. //New York
  49. Oysters and Champagne with views over Bondi Beach at Sean’s Panaroma. //Sydney
  50. The whitefish salad at Anton’s. So excellent that my table had to place a second order, though we certainly were not at a loss for good food otherwise. //New York