The Top 5 Things to Order at Grizzelda’s



Photo courtesy of Grizzelda’s.

Because you need a gorgeous patio and a margarita, stat. Or maybe you need a fresh outlook on Mexican food, above and beyond your corner Tex-Mex joint. Either way, Grizzelda’s is now open on the East Side, and it means business. The folks behind Jacoby’s opened this upscale Mexican restaurant right before the holidays, and it’s already bopping. Here’s what to order when you get the gang together at Grizzelda’s.

1.Guacamole de la Casa At Grizzelda’s, “de la casa” means bacon. Guacamole with bacon in it. Any questions?

2.Bad Girl RiRi: (Pictured) This cocktail is named after one of today’s greatest pop stars, and it’s worthy of the honor. Passionfruit and lime give the drink a taste of Rihanna’s native Caribbean, and pisco and mezcal is a pairing made in beverage heaven. (The house margarita, the Grizz Mizz, is also A+.)

3.Street Brussels: Mexican-style street corn, with its creamy-chili-cheese flavor, is a must-order on any menu. But at Grizzelda’s, brussels sprouts get the same treatment. It’s the cure for fried brussels sprouts fatigue, and the very best way to eat your vegetables.

4.Tostadas de Atun: A tower of crispy tostadas, layered with the freshest tuna, avocado, shallots and aioli to split for the table. Unless you’d rather have one all to yourself. Bonus points for being ultra-Instagrammable.

5.Bistec a la Parilla: Like its sister restaurant, Jacoby’s, Grizzelda’s sources its beef from the Jacoby ranch in Melvin. So beef is a must-order at both restaurants, and this chile-rubbed steak is a stellar showcase for it. Slice it thin and wrap it in some house-made fluffy flour tortillas for maximum enjoyment. (And how about those gorgeous tortilla warmers?!)

Grab a seat at Grizzelda’s today!