Hamburger Hash

The Top 5 Things to Order at Beaker & Gray’s Brunch


Hamburger Hash

Photo of Beaker & Gray’s Cheeseburger Hash.

Since the day Beaker & Gray opened its doors, it has made a name for itself with whimsical dishes and inventive cocktails. Its recently launched brunch service, showcasing a plethora of new breakfast creations paired with morning cartoon-inspired cocktails, lives up to that name.

So without further adieu, here is your roadmap for the perfect brunch at Beaker & Gray— and a terrific (and nostalgia-inspiring) libation for each.

1.Cheeseburger Hash + That’s All, Folks: Your weekend hangover helper has arrived. Beaker & Gray’s legendary cheeseburger croquettes are taken up a few notches and topped with bacon and perfectly gooey, runny egg yolks. Pair that with a refreshing carrot, ginger, and gin mixture worthy of Bugs Bunny, and you’ll be back to life in no time.

2.Omelette Dumpling + Teenage Mutant Ginger Turtle: These delicious egg spheres are filled with sausage and cheese. Wash down with a mean, green take on the Bloody Mary made with tomatillos for an extra kick.

3.Waffle Panini + Wile E. Chayote: This savory — and slightly sweet — pulled pork-filled waffle panini is deliciously decadent; the subtly spicy tequila-based Wile E. Chayote cuts through its richness for the perfect complement.

4.Sticky Buns + Gilligan’s Island: These buns could easily be confused for dessert, but there’s no complaining here. The large cinnamon and pecan stuffed beauties are topped with a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream for good measure. Pair with the boozy, rye based Gilligan’s Island, and get ready for a sugary delight, adult style.

5.Toaster Strudel + Mi Tie Fighter: The classic breakfast treat from the 90s has been re-imagined as a new brunch staple. Flakey pastry crust brims with honey crisp apples and is the perfect accompaniment to the tropical, pineapple flavored Mi Tie. 

And there you have it, brunch is up. Grab a seat at Beaker & Gray today!