The Order: Vagabond Restaurant & Bar


MIA, say hello to another edition of The Order, preparing you to feast like a pro at all of the best restaurants.


Sweetbread Milanesa Courtesy of Vagabond Restaurant & Bar

MiMo’s retro-chic Vagabond Restaurant and Bar hasn’t only gained momentum in the year and a half since it’s been open, it’s also got a menu that’s making everyone take notice. Representing a plethora of flavors from every corner of the world, Chef Alex Chang, the supremely talented and outspoken chef, has created something really special. He does what he wants and his food is that much better for it. Here’s how to enjoy:

Start With: 

Peanuts & Chapulines: Wait, it’s not normal to whet your appetite with crickets? But, when they’re tossed with a tangy mix of Sichuan pepper, lime and salty peanuts, it is. Trust.

Grilled Cucumber: Cool and crisp cucumber, please meet your delicious charred counterpart. Salty haloumi cheese and spicy Yemen relish complete the flavor explosion.


Cheeseburger Courtesy of Vagabond Restaurant

Move To The:

Vagabond Cheeseburger: This burger houses two thin, perfectly cooked patties nestled between soft potato buns. Gooey American cheese seals the deal. There’s a reason Miami New Times says this is one of the ten best in the city.

Sweetbread Milanesa: Tap into your adventurous side. Offal meets grandma’s Sunday classic. Lightly fried and breaded, it sits on clouds of Swiss foam and country ham vinaigrette. Mamma mia.

On To The Sweet Stuff:

Pistachio Cake: It may look like moss but this fluffy cake certainly is not. Nuzzled with fennel panna and roasted white chocolate, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Drink Up The:

Rose Bud: Do yourself a solid and start low and slow with this meal. Rose all day, vermouth and a hint of fruity flavors, all shaken together with some foamy eggs whites and voilá, a perfect sippable starter.

Vagabond Old Fashioned: Let’s just cut to the chase, this is the drink dreams are made of. Almond butter, fat-washed Japanese whiskey mixed with a Mexican coke reduction. Cue the celebration music.

You’re all set. Now book your Resy at Vagabond today.