The Order: chi SPACCA


Welcome to the latest edition of The Order, your guide to dining like an ace at the top restaurants in LA.


TFW a menu throws fire after fire. Enter chi SPACCA, the Mozza group’s no holds barred carnivore haven. And at the helm, Chef Ryan DeNicola proves the fixens deliver as hard as the meat. Put this restaurant on repeat because every dish is a standout.

Since all roads lead to flavor mecca, here’s two, not one, lineups for max pleasure without the food coma.

chi spacca 1

Photo via @chispacca.

Lineup 1 Begins With:

Focaccia di Recco: Crispy, cheesy crack is the idea. Does it get better than Ligurian-style cracker thin bubbly focaccia filled with rich stracchino? No. No it does not.

Spacca Culatello: Let’s be honest, you’re here for the meat, so get the ball rolling with one of Spacca’s signature salumi. Similar to prosciutto crudo, thinly sliced, melt in your mouth bliss. They don’t call it the king of cured meats for nothing.

Then Go For:

Plate of Citrus w/ Calabrian Chiles: Refresh your palate for the carnage to come. Bright citrus, a hit of heat from Italy’s spice capital, now you’re ready for prime time.

Bring the Meat:

Tomahawk Pork Chop: Do not attempt to tackle this beast of a dish solo. The fennel pollen rubbed ribs are as J Gold put it, “what great spareribs might be like if Alabama bordered on Umbria.” Ample enough to feed a family of five, finger-licking good enough to not share.

With a Side of:

Cauliflower & Puntarelle: When in Rome, eat puntarelle. Never heard of Italy’s capital’s favorite green? Save yourself a flight because Chef DeNicola nails it. A slight twist on the classic by adding cauliflower but he sticks to the anchovy, egg and breadcrumb topping found in every Roman trattoria.

And For Dessert:

Peanut Butter Pie: This is a best of both worlds situation. Add hot fudge with salty peanut brittle and buona notte.

Drink Up: 

2013 Bastianich, Refosco Rosato: A touch of citrus and a hint of rose with a crisp finish. The chop’s umami is asking for this vino to take it home.

chi spacca 2

Photo via @chispacca.

Lineup 2 Begins With:

Puglia Burrata: Leave it to the masters to make burrata. In this case, DeNicola does just that. Brought in from Puglia, the luscious cheese is a cross between mozzarella and cream. Go ahead, indulge a little.

Fett’unta: An upgraded version of bruschetta, this thick cut white country bread was made for scarpetta. Toasted and rubbed with garlic, sea salt, and plenty of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, garlic bread never looked so good.

Then Go For:

Pickles: Balance is key. Consider this the crunchy, acidic intermission before the final act. That’s not to say the pickles don’t hold their own. These aren’t your average dill. A mix of fennel, persimmon, cauliflower with just the right crunch to keep your appetite whet.

Where’s the Beef:

Bistecca Fiorentina: When the mission is steak, this is the one to get. Dry-aged porterhouse charred to perfection, the hashtag isn’t “say meat” for nothing. A masterpiece of juicy proportions, this is the unadulterated cut of beef dreamed about. Bone in for max flavor.

With a Side of:

Mashed Potatoes: Buttery steak and the smoothest mashed potatoes created. Consider them a conduit for soaking up all of the juices from the meat. This is the meal to end all meals so go out in style.

Grilled Broccoli di Cicco: Cooked with a bite, garlic lemon vinaigrette for some acid, now dinner is the complete package.

And For Dessert:

Butterscotch Budino: This is the Italian way of saying butterscotch pudding aka magic in your mouth. End the night on a sweet note.

Drink Up: 

2010 Gulfi, Nero d’ Avola: Let this wine breathe and when it opens up, game over. From the heart of Sicily the warm, spicy notes cut through the steak like butter.

You’re all set. Now book your Resy at chi SPACCA today.