The Order: Alter


Welcome to another edition of The Order, preparing you to feast like a pro at all of the best restaurants in the Miami.


Alter, in Wynwood, has been the most talked about spot in the Magic City for nearly a year. Led by wonderchef Brad Kilgore, who has done stints at Alinea and Jean-Georges outposts, it showcases his pedigreed resume in a fun and daring setting.

As for what to get, close your eyes and point, because there are no misses. Or, proceed as follows:

Start With: 

Bread & Beurre: Understand that this bread will most likely ruin all other bread for you. Served hot right out of the oven, this house-made spongy, tangy delight is crusted with sumac and dill seeds and then served with a life changing umami butter spread.

Soft Egg: Sometime a soft egg isn’t just a soft egg. Like here: a perfectly poached egg, topped with caviar, and truffle pearls, submerged in a sea scallop foam, perched on a crunchy gruyere crisp. Categorial win for both you and the chef.

Then Move To:

Grouper Cheeks (pictured): Sure, grouper can be found on many a South Florida menu. But this variation – topped with shoyu hollandaise and sea lettuces – features the right amount of richness and zest to stand out from the crowd.

Heirloom Carrots: Carrots aren’t just for vegetarians anymore. Kilgore makes these rustic, locally grown beauties the star of the show. He tops them with grilled pistachios and nasturtium for good measure, and serves them with eggplant ‘pastrami’ that (and here it goes) may make you not miss meat.

And For Dessert:

Blood Orange Avocado-Yuzu Sorbet: Avocado in a dessert? When it’s served in sorbet form and topped with whipped yuzu curd, freeze dried strawberry ‘moon rocks’ and Jerusalem star flower, then, yes.

Drink Up:

Miraflores: An ode to the partners’ love of Peru, this cocktail combines pineapple infused Pisco La Diablada, cocchi apertivo and chica morada, for one flavorful cocktail that’s best enjoyed outside at the restaurant’s new patio bar.