A Few Updates on Pricing


price2We think a lot about reservation pricing, as you might imagine, and that thinking is ever-evolving. You might notice that some of the prices on Resy have changed a bit in the last few days. We don’t ever want to appear as if we’re holding reservations hostage. Prices should pass a feel test. If you’re going to pay $36 for a 4-top at Charlie Bird that price must feel appropriate and—while, yes, we’d all like the best things in life to be free—reasonable.

That means that reservation prices have to be inline with menu prices. (If you’re paying $40/person to eat at the restaurant, it’s hard to imagine you’d be happy paying $100 just to be there.) It also means that prices have to swing a bit. There’s more demand overall on Saturday nights than there is on Sundays, for example. We’ve had this general thinking built into pricing from day one, but this notion is now much more fully articulated.

It also happens to be the case that some of the best restaurants in the city do have some availability most nights. In those cases, we’ve made reservations free, because those are just places we’re thrilled to have on the app–and thrilled to have you visit.

We’re also issuing this price guarantee. If you see a table on Resy that’s free elsewhere, book it and we’ll refund you the reservation fee.