Restaurants We Love: Elio’s



If you’d signed up for Resy but hadn’t fully registered as of two weeks ago, you received an email from us that began with a story about Elio’s, an unmatched New York City Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side (not on the Resy platform just yet, but a place we love). Classic restaurants become classic because of how they live in people’s memories. The time that the mayor was at the next table and sent you an order of burrata. The time that a dance party spontaneously erupted. Here’s a story our friend Dave sent in reply to that email:

One of my favorite NYC restaurant experiences was at Elio’s. My girlfriend and I used to live in the Barrio on 102nd St and were looking for old school Italian on the UES. We popped into Elio’s. It was a balmy summer day, we had soft shell crabs and martinis, then Barolo and who knows what else. The pin stripe suits and bar banter was a sight to behold. The selection of Armanac and Cognac were catching my eye all meal. Later I asked the bartender about them, differences etc. He asked me to sit tight for a minute. At first I thought it was a polite F.U. It wasn’t. He and the maitre’d came over with 12 snifters and started pouring a 1/2 oz of selected brandies dating back to 1923 all the way to the late 1980s. Made the top of my head blow off. Such an awesome experience.