New this Week: Gotham Bar & Grill



Restaurants really do come and go in New York. And Gotham really does endure. It is the restaurant that other restaurants want to be when they grow up. It was the place I went with my family when I graduated from high school. In those days, Zagat was my everything and I picked Gotham because it scored something like a 28F 26D 28S and a guy named Alfred Portale had an architecturally-inclined approach and it all sounded about right. It is also where I took a third date c. 2002 and where on several occasions over the years I’ve been with the guys for big red wines and sure-thing red meat.

Gotham is what great New York City restaurants have always been and should always be: smart, sophisticated and elegant without a ton of fuss about it. You can sit at the bar on a random Wednesday, which is perhaps the best way to eat at Gotham; or you can put 10 people around a table in the dining room to mark something special. The only problem with the joint, I’ve always felt, is that you either have throw a Hail Mary and walk-in or plan way in advance. The bar seats have heretofore been first-come-first-serve.

This all makes it particularly exciting for me to tell you that Gotham is now a partner of ours. On Resy you will be able to reserve seats at the bar — 7:30 PM, 2 people — and book 2s and 4s in the dining room. The first day we’re offering is this Thursday, July 31st. See you there.