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The Resy Guide to Every Type of Dim Sum in L.A.


Dim sum in greater Los Angeles is an ever-evolving conversation. While classics like Monterey Park’s NBC Seafood have kept their steaming carts rolling for over 30 years, others, like relative new contender ixlb, involve ordering from an iPad attached to the wall. At more traditional establishments, drinking tea and feasting over small plates with your family is an hours-long affair, while at newer spots designed for carryout, aluminum containers fly across the counter in warp speed. 

Several wonderful dim sum spots, like China Red in Arcadia, have closed during this never-ending pandemic, while a couple of fast-casual spots have opened in their stead. Though some purists might scoff at the casualization of the meal, dim sum was originally a traveler’s food, served as a snack alongside tea for traders in 10th-century Canton (Guangzhou). Today, the breadth and quality of dim sum in greater L.A. is some of the best in the country. We are, as it were, in a dim sum paradise.

Here’s where to go for dim sum right now, for every type of mood, taste, and location.