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Di An Di’s Kim Hoang on Comfort Food, Crispy Eggs, and her Favorite Pho


To-Go Takes is Resy’s regular feature wherein we quiz the folks behind some of our favorite restaurants about all things related to takeout. 

In this edition, we speak to Kim Hoang, the owner of Greenpoint Vietnamese hotspot, Di An Di, currently open for outdoor dining, pickup, and delivery. Below, she shares some of her favorite takeout tips, tricks, cocktails, and regular stops.

Restaurant: Di An Di
Name + Title: Kim Hoang, Owner

Di An Di co-owner Kim Hoang. Photo courtesy of Kim Hoang

Resy: What’s your favorite dish from Di An Di’s takeout menu?
Hoang: I love the thit kho trung meal. It’s a nostalgic childhood favorite of braised caramelized pork belly and hard-boiled egg, served with rice and pickled mustard greens. Our version has the most perfect seven-minute jammy egg. When you break into the egg with a spoon, it has the sexiest bit of oozy yolk. It’s perfection. My mom used to send me back to college with old yogurt tubs (a.k.a. “tupperware”) full of this dish. It’s a mother’s love in a dish and the ultimate comfort food.

Where are you getting takeout from and what are you ordering?
— Xi’an Famous Food: The NS1 — spicy cumin lamb hand-ripped noodles in soup.
Cafe Alula: The haloumi and egg sandwich.
Souvlaki GR: The pork souvlaki pita, with the french fries and spicy feta inside.

Best tip to amp up your takeout?
Nothing kicks up a meal quite like adding a crispy fried egg on top. Follow Frank Prisinzano of Frank, Supper, and Lil’ Frankie’s for the absolute, ultimate crispy egg inspiration. And then topping that off with a little dollop of tuong ot — the hot sauce we make in-house. It’s a mix of red bell peppers and red Thai chilis. I add that to everything. 

What’s your favorite place for cocktails to go?
Achilles Heel! The cucumber juice and gin cocktail with a mushroom tamale is the perfect way to end a work day. Be sure to grab two tamales though, so you won’t have to reluctantly end up sharing it with your husband when you get home. I won’t make that mistake twice. The cocktail serves two, though.

What single restaurant dish would you walk miles for?
No bias, but nothing will get in the way of me and the pho thin Hanoi with the wok-seared brisket from Di An Di when the craving hits. You can’t get it anywhere else.

What restaurant do you wish was open?
Although they’re technically open now, I miss the oyster happy hour at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster so, so much. It’s the absolute best — dozen oysters, dozen cherry stone clams, an order of whatever fish collar they have available that day, and several glasses of sparkling wine.

What do you miss the most about restaurants?
I miss the buzzy energy of a full house when the lights are at the perfect sexy level of dimness, the playlist is killer, the table turns are perfectly orchestrated, and solo diners are befriending each other at the bar. I miss that so much. I can’t wait to have people inside the dining room again.

Di An Di is open for outdoor dining Tuesday through Sunday for lunch (from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and dinner from (5 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Di An Di is also offering a set barbecue menu for outdoor dining Friday through Sunday on Resy. Order Di An Di pickup and delivery here, here, and here.