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Announcing Resy’s CLEAR Partnership


Get back to the restaurants you love with CLEAR.

With many cities requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining, Resy is teaming up with CLEAR to create easy, safer dining experiences.

With CLEAR, you have access to a complimentary digital vaccine card — available in just a few taps on your smart phone — that serves as proof of both vaccination and identification.

And because Resy is committed to supporting the restaurants you love, we’re offering participating Resy restaurants complimentary access to CLEAR’s Health Pass system. This enables restaurants to manage staff health and safety protocols digitally, with the goal of protecting both diners and staff alike.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the CLEAR app
  2. Select the blue digital vaccine card tile and link to your COVID vaccine record. You’ll unlock a unique, secure card that can be shown to restaurants.
  3. Present your digital vaccine card within the CLEAR app when you dine out. That’s it!

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What is the digital vaccine card?

The digital vaccine card provides CLEAR members with the ability to verify their vaccine information to generate a standalone digital card that is always accessible. CLEAR members will be able to create a digital vaccine card by linking directly with Atlantic Health System (AHS), SMART Health Card QR codes from places like Walmart and the state of California, or one of the hundreds of providers in Human API’s (HAPI’s) network. If you do not see your provider, you can upload your CDC card.

What are the qualifications for generating a digital vaccine card?

You must be 18 or older and enrolled in CLEAR to create a digital vaccine card. You will be able to generate a vaccine card by linking directly with AHS, SMART Health Card QR codes from places like Walmart or the state of California, or one of the 600+ providers in HAPI’s network. A blue digital vaccine card will be generated after the predetermined waiting time has been met. We enforce the 2-week waiting period as recommended by the CDC guidelines, therefore your digital vaccine card will generate 2 weeks after their last dose was administered.

Where can I use my digital vaccine card?

Digital vaccine cards can be used at participating Resy partner restaurants or independently as proof of vaccination.

Is there a cost associated with a digital vaccine card?

No, this is a complimentary service offered to CLEAR members who have downloaded the CLEAR app.


Resy has no control over, and is not responsible for, CLEAR’s services, including the digital vaccine card and Health Pass. Resy has no access to any information that you provide to CLEAR.  Please go to for additional information on CLEAR’s services. CLEAR’s services are subject to change, and Resy has no control over those changes. Your creation of account with CLEAR will be subject to CLEAR’s member terms, privacy policy and other policies.