Everything You Need to Know About Resy’s Invite a Guest Feature


The more the merrier — join the party with Resy’s Invite feature.

What is Invite?

Invite is a more seamless way to share reservation details with your dining companions. Once you’ve invited a guest to a reservation, they can access all the details in their Resy profile: the date, the time, the address, and more.

What are the benefits of Invite?

Aside from no more frantic texts from your friend who doesn’t remember what time to meet you at the restaurant? So glad you asked.

  • Everyone in the party can view the reservation details in the “Upcoming Reservations” tab of their Resy profile, regardless of who made the actual Resy.
  • Guests can add allergy information for the restaurant to have on file.
  • You can see who has RSVP’d yes — and get excited for the good times.

How does Invite work?

1. Reserve a table via resy.com or in the Resy iOS app. Once your reservation is confirmed, scroll down to the “Invite Your Party” section.

2. From here, tap “Unknown Guest” to share the reservation details directly with a contact. Resy will populate a text message to that contact, with the booking link for them to RSVP.

3. When your guest confirms, you’ll receive an alert.

Pro Tip: Download the Resy iOS app to invite guests on the go.