The Top 5 Things to Order at Atoboy


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The Chicken. Photo courtesy of @BrunchBoys.

ATOBOY is a modern Korean Banchan style restaurant by husband and wife team, Chef Junghyun Park, previously of the kitchen at Jungsik, and Ellia Park. Banchan literally translates to “side dishes” and they are definitely serious about them here. Guests pick three dishes and a bowl of either traditional or seasoned house rice (for $36 all in). Seasonality is KEY and sharing is encouraged so get this menu while you can.

1. Littleneck Clam: Served with avocado, rice crackers, and gochugaru (Korean chili pepper), every bite is a mixture of perfectly cooked clam and a creamy, balanced flavor.

2. Cobia: Raw fish plus Korean pear plus perilla and sesame equals greatness. It’s clean and refreshing flavor is ideal while nibbling on multiple dishes.

Corn photo courtesy of @jeaniusnyc.

3. Corn: Taleggio ooziness, bacon heaven, and doenjang (fermented bean paste, literally meaning “thick sauce” in Korean) make this corn dish a memorable one. It’s a taste of summer and comfort food all wrapped in one.

4. Tartare: This is the classic Korean beef tartare you always crave. Asian pear and oyster sauce, instead of egg yolk, is the trick. Sweetness, crunch, and raw beef all for the win, win, win.

5. Chicken: A show stopper, this chicken is so good you may order it twice. Note* the spicy peanut butter sauce and crispy garlic will be licked off the plate with or without utensils. Just saying.

Bonus. Sujeonggwa Granita: Because when a dessert has burrata in it, how can you say no? Sujeonggwa is a traditional Korean after dinner drink made from cinnamon and ginger, however, in the hands of chef Junghyun Park, it’s turned into a granita that’s placed on top of the creamy mozzarella. Crunchy walnuts are mixed in for match point. This dessert wins.

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