The Top 5 Things To Order At Winsome (Debuting Dinner Tonight!)



“Tiki-Novela” photo courtesy Skandia Shafer.

Winsome, Echo Park’s new ‘it’ diner, finally debuts its dinner menu, starting tonight. The team is chef Jeremy Strubel and barman Edwin Cruz; and if you ask them, or owners Marc Rose and Med Abrous, here’s what to order:

1.Heirloom Tomato: Summer is in full swing which means tomatoes are ripe for the picking. Colorful heirlooms are tossed in a roasted plum vinaigrette with pickled cherry tomatoes, ricotta salata and minty nepitella. Tomatoes three ways.

2.Roasted Half Chicken: Crisp skin and tender chicken is the name of the game. Paired with a rich sweet corn soubise, speck, and summer squash gremolata for a twist.

3.Torched Kanpachi: The delicate fish is kissed with fire to melt in your mouth. A punchy sweetness from the pickled white nectarine is balanced by the smoked golden beet purèe plus crunchy beet chips and flowering coriander for good measure.

4.Aspen Ridge Natural Rib-Eye: Move over spinach, it’s time for creamed wild arugula. Plus, confit magic Myrna potatoes. Steak, potatoes, and creamy greens just got a makeover.

5.Faloodeh and Almond Milk Slushy: What’s the chicest way to beat the heat? A rose water and rice noodle granita, with house made vanilla almond milk and market strawberries. Say yes to dessert.

Bonus, Tiki-Novela: Exactly how the name sounds, this mezcal drink will have you singing. Plantation pineapple rum, chicha Morada syrup, fresh fallernum, and flaming tiki garnish. Then the spell was cast.

Grab a seat today.