The Top 5 Things to Order at Nick & Toni’s


CHICKEN 11.16.13

The chicken!

You’ve heard of Nick & Toni’s, because everyone’s heard of Nick & Toni’s. It’s the East End’s best restaurant, a powerhouse during the summer and exceptional twelve months a year. There’s a garden on property and sourcing is as local as possible. Conde Nast Traveler calls a meal there, “a farm-and-ocean-to-table Italian feast.”

So, here’s what to order:

1. La Quercia Plate: An American made artisanal cured meats spread including prosciutto picante, lomo and nduja with grilled Tuscan toast and house made pickled vegetables. The best things in life come in 3s.

2. Balsam Farms Zucchini Chips: No, you don’t need them. But you want them.

3. Free Range Chicken: A Nick & Toni’s classic. This free range chicken is oven roasted and served over crispy Yukon gold potatoes with roasted garlic, pancetta & rosemary jus.

4. Wood Roasted Striped Bass: TG for fishermen. This local fish is wood oven roasted over Balsam Farms Swiss chard, fingerling potatoes and is then topped with a tomato beurre blanc.

5. Tartufo: Behold, the best dessert in the Hamptons.

Bonus. A Pepino Sour. If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage with a spicy kick, here it is. Made with Cimarron tequila, cucumber, fresh lime and a dash of Cholula, this libation served over ice with a salted chili rim.

Make a reservation at Nick & Toni’s.