We’re Investing in the Next Generation of Great Restaurants


Announcing ResyOS 360 for New Restaurants. Our flagship product completely free for a year. If you win, we win. Click here for more info.


Being built by restaurants, for restaurants guides quite a bit of our decision making at Resy. As we build new features, we spec them with our partners. When we layout 3- 6- and 12-month product roadmaps, they are based on what restaurants are telling us about what they want.

Here’s one fun recent example: When the Spotted Pig asked us about a smoother way to handle its neighbors, we built an SMS-driven direct access point for locals (now available in beta to any current partner, on request). If you’re a regular at the Spotted Pig, you might now have an SMS number that allows you to text the host stand directly anytime. Even if your contact there is taking a night off (they’re allowed!), you don’t have worry about getting your burger fix. Ask Kanye: It’s pretty cool.

But, what about a restaurant’s first 12 months? Everyone on the team is getting their sea legs; the customer base is still being established; cash is precious, every dollar being reinvested (free desserts as a thanks for coming in? Investing in regulars.) The restaurant is playing a long game. As a partner, shouldn’t Resy do the same? More bluntly, if Resy is a drain on resources and the restaurant runs out of cash, how does that benefit anyone in the longterm?

So, starting today, we’re thrilled to announce new pricing for new restaurants. If you’re opening a new restaurant, you can have Resy’s flagship product, ResyOS 360, completely free for a year. The first year is the hardest, but maybe we can make it a bit easier. There’s virtually no fine print on this deal. If you win, we win.

Visit us at Resy.com or click here for more info.