The Order NYC: Lilia


Welcome to another edition of The Order, preparing you to feast like a pro at all of the best restaurants in the New York.

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New to the Williamsburg scene, chef Missy Robbins brings her Italian vibes to an old Brooklyn auto-body shop.

Missy found her Italian soul on one of those Trips to Italy and during her five years as Executive Chef at Chicago’s much lauded, Spiaggia (a favorite of the Obama family). She returned to NYC as the Executive Chef of A Voce, where she preserved Michelin stars at both locations. At Lilia the focus is on hand crafted pasta, pesce (fish) and the giardino d’inverno (winter garden).

Lilia is bringing the heat with both wood-fired dishes and warm hospitality. So without further adieu, your order is up. Get to it:

Start With: 

House-made Mozzarella– Hello mozzarella, lemon zest and bottarga. This dish starts off your meal on a creamy and sea-salty note (think a silkier version of an anchovy) and is all served on perfectly crisp piece of toasted garlic bread. And away we go. (Take a peek: @LiliaNewYork)

Grilled Squid– After the cheese go for the calamari, served on a bed of reserved Corbari tomato and fennel pollen. (A chef favorite: @LiliaNewYork)

Romenesco with Spicy Soppressata– And Sicilian pesto and majoram. Is Missy a vegetable whisperer? Quite possibly.

Then Do The:

Malfadini– Flour, eggs and water is all she wrote. This perfectly textured pasta is finished with pink peppercorns and Parmigiano Reggiano. It’s simplicity at it’s finest.

Rigatoni Diavola– These pastas are so bomb, they both belong on The Order. San Marzanos, chilies and pecorino seal the deal. (@LiliaNewYork, seriously though?!)

Branzino– The team at Lilia says this guy “sells itself,” so in the mix it goes.

Grilled Veal Flank Steak– New to the menu, cooked over an open fire and presented with hot peppers and basil, this is a slam dunk situation and you know it’s necessary.

And For Dessert:

Olive Oil cake– Dipping your bread in oil is one thing but when it’s in cake, it’s the best kind of cake. Chef Robbins serves hers with persimmon, grappa, and whipped cream. Molto delizioso! (Hello yum: @LiliaNewYork)

House-made soft-served chocolate gelato– That’s right, soft-served gelato. You’ve been waiting for this treat your whole life and now it’s here. Topped with candied citrus, and hazelnuts, right now it’s only served at dinner but it’s coming to the cafe soon.

Have a Bottle Of:

Vino– While dining at Lilia you will experience a truly amazing display of Italian wines. With this order drink the:

The Franciacorta, Ronco Calino Brut Lombardia– It’s viscous and pairs well with the bread in the house-made mozzarella.Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato, Montalbera, La Tradizione 2013– Then try this floral red, which pairs perfectly with the pink peppercorns in the malfadini and the steak as well.

Moscato D’Asti La Morandina– And for dessert you will have this Moscato that pairs perfectly with both the persimmon, in the olive oil cake, and chocolate gelato because of it’s orange blossom notes.

You’re all set. Now book your Resy at Lilia today.