The Order: Babu Ji


Welcome to another edition of The Order, preparing you to feast like a pro at all of the best restaurants in the city.


“Babu Ji, perhaps more than any of its peers, deserves credit for making a lot of us excited about Indian food for the first time since Floyd Cardoz opened Tabla with Danny Meyer in 1998.” – Eater

So, what’s a ‘Babu Ji’? It’s a self appointed neighborhood ambassador, who knows everyone and everything that’s happening the village. But lately it seems like Babu Ji, the new, happy go lucky Indian restaurant on Avenue B, is everything that’s happening in the village. On your mark, get set, eat:

Start With:

Papadi Chaat – A version of nachos and salsa, this colorful adventure is made with the “motherland’s” chickpea, cucumber, pomegranate and topped with a tamarind, mint & yogurt chutney. You really don’t know until you know.

Colonel Tso’s Cauliflower – this gluten free and vegan street-food option leaves it all on the table—and, in fact, you will leave none of it on the table. It’s an Indo-Chinese style cauliflower in a tomato chili sauce with sesame and onion seeds.

Then Go For:

Butter Chicken – Yoghurt marinated chicken in a ginger, garlic, tomato, and fenugreek curry. Like butter.

Scallop Coconut Curry (pictured) – Here’s raw day boat sea scallops with bright, turmeric, mustard seed and coconut milk curry? This is fire.

For Dessert:

House made All Natural Cardamom, Honey & Pistachio Kulfi – a Babu Ji specialty described by the NYTimes as, “a cousin of ice cream,” it’s laced with cardamom and pistachios, presented in tin molds. Roll these between your palms to warm before eating.

Drink Up:

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale – A luscious American IPA that celebrates the aromas and flavor complexities of Babu Ji’s menu with a nose full of citrus, dried fruits, pine and caramel. Good enough to eat.

Vineland Estates Semi-Dry Riesling 2009 – Nearly tailor-made for all items on their menu, this riesling is a combination of crisp and fruity sensations with delicate floral aromatics. A seductive wine for an equally seductive menu (a guest and staff favorite.)

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