New on Resy: Daniel Boulud, Landmarc, Freemans and Felice


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing to welcome nine superb new restaurants to Resy, including New York’s best American Grill, Landmarc; the singular sensation that is Freemans; Sant Ambroeus’ sister brand, Felice; and, last but certainly not least, f-o-u-r — four, the number that comes after three — restaurants from Daniel Boulud, the internationally recognized star chef and world ambassador of French cuisine.

Here are the specifics for all nine, where tables are available immediately.

1 (1) DBGB
Daniel Boulud’s cheeky ode to downtown cool starts with the name, of course, and goes from there. From its 20 beers on tap, plus 75 by the bottle, to its wonderfully overgrown sausage program, highlighting flavors from Thailand, Vermont and, of course, France, you’re not going to want from being sedated. Book Now at DBGB.

A French bistro with New York influence or a New York bistro with French influence? Either way, Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne incorporates the best of both worlds. While the most famous item on the menu is without a doubt the rich, indulgent foie-gras-stuffed DB Burger, classic French staples like coq au vin and sole meunière do not miss the mark. Their newly revamped menu incorporates “cuisine de marché,” seasonal ingredients, to modernize various salad, fish, and pasta dishes. And if that’s not enough, desserts by a Dominique Ansel-trained pastry chef will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Book Now at DB Bistro Moderne.

5-Bar Boulud by E. Laignel BAR BOULUD
If charcuterie is king at Daniel Boulud’s Lincoln Center bistro, then wine is surely the Queen. Cognac-infused pâtés, spiced terrines and cured meats complement an extensive wine list showcasing the depth of the Burgundy and Rhone wine meccas of France. The communal tables and counter seats in the dining room keep things lively, while the vaulted ceilings keep things intimate. Book Now at Bar Boulud.

Haven’t cruised down the Mediterranean lately? That’s ok, Boulud Sud will take you there. With influences from the south of France, Spain, and even North Africa, Daniel Boulud serves up Garden, Sea and Farm specialties that surprise and delight. Shareable plates allow for a literal flavor journey with highlights such as sicilian sardine escabèche, lemon-saffron linguini, and octopus à la plancha. Just steps away from Lincoln Center, you’ll never want for culture or people-watching at this newly minted Upper West Side classic. Book Now at Boulud Sud.

landmarc-twc-dining-room-800x800 LANDMARC
Landmarc is greater that the sum of its parts. Top notch girlled meats? Sure. And, ingredient-perfect salads? Ok. And, daily pasta specials that steal the show? Yep. And, an all-value wine list? Also, yep. And it’s all in the same place? Those numbers don’t sound right. But they are. Stop thinking and get thee to Landmarc. Book Now at Landmarc.

You walk into Freemans and you see the taxidermy and you say, Here we go again. But, you’re wrong. First, because Freemans did the taxidermy thing first, basically. Second, because there’s a lot more going on here than a bunch of stuffed animals. A great bar program and some quietly fantastic food, for example. Ok, and the people-watching is good, too. Book Now at Freemans.

1 (2) FELICE
You might sleep on Felice if you didn’t know better. It’s an unassuming enough place, authentically installed as a neighborhood Italian joint, the kind of place that seems to punch above its weight class with those pastas, but you’re not objecting. Where the wine list is a little bit deeper than it has to be. (What’s it doing with private label rosé? And why is it so good?) Then you realize, this is Sant Ambroeus’ smaller, gentler baby sister. These are the Casa Lever guys. That’s why you’re enjoying the bavette so much. But you knew all that and that’s why you’re here. Book Now at Felice 83 , Felice 64 , and Felice 15 Gold.