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The Order: Crossroads


Crossroads Kitchen
Crossroads Kitchen

Goodbye, Coachella. Hello, beach season. Here’s another installment of “The Order,” ensuring that you’re always ordering pro-style.

Crossroads, celebrity chef Tal Ronnen’s chic “plant-based” eatery, is touted as the vegan mecca for the health conscious and food enthusiasts alike. With endorsements from daytime TV heavies like Oprah and Ellen, the West Hollywood hotspot redefines crunchy stereotypes with a sleek mediterranean menu. So, here’s our playlist:

Start with:

    Artichoke Oysters — Whet your appetite with a visually dynamic amuse-bouche served on a bed of rock salt. Steamed artichoke leaves cradle a morsel of crunchy oyster mushrooms topped with a yellow tomato bernaise and kelp caviar.

    Bloomsdale Spinach Salad — The bacon-esque applewood smoked mushrooms play. Crisp spinach, crumbled almond ricotta tossed in a warm black garlic vinaigrette and topped with fried shallots. So much yes.

    Lentil Flatbread — Straight from the pan and served with three dipping sauces. Tear off a piece of the hearty millet speckled bread and take your pick of a pea pesto, roasted carrot hummus or a spicy tomato banana pepper jam.

    Broccolini — Effortless vegan. This dish isn’t trying to be anything other than delicious. Tender broccolini with black garlic, toasted hazelnut for crunch, lemon, sherry vinaigrette and just a pinch of heat from chili. Keep it simple.

    Spanakopita — If there’s a dip, we’re in. Buttery, yes buttery, puff pastry stuffed with kale and almond ricotta. Paired with a just spicy harissa tomato sauce.

Then Go For:

    Market Stuffed Farinata — Changes weekly, get it while it’s hot. Power house combo of morels and Spring ramps fill a light chickpea pancake. Drizzled with a parsley cashew cream and a frisée and red watercress salad. Comes with a steak knife, so dig in.

    Lasagna — Coming out hot from the wood-fire oven in a cast-iron pan with bubbly and charred edges. The handmade noodles are layered with almond ricotta and a field roast sausage bolognese sauce. Guilt-free pasta? Buon appetito.

    Truffle Pasta Special — Off-menu, but always on the menu. Fettuccine hand rolled and cut, tossed in a truffle-infused butter and generously topped with French black truffle. Go big or go home.

And For Dessert:

    New York Style Cheesecake — Pastry chef Serafina Magnussen is a genius. This cheesecake is smooth, creamy and light. A raspberry sauce adds a hit of tart and the shortbread crust will leave you dumbfounded. How is it so good?

Have a cocktail:

    Sophia — With a cocktail menu designed by Jeremy Lake, start off the night right and by that we mean with tequila. Chinaco blanco tequila, mezcal, lime, grapefruit, and a kalamata olive syrup. The briny sweetness is an unexpected combination for just the right buzz.