The Order: Smoke.Oil.Salt.



This week Resy debuts “The Order,” a regular feature to ensure that you’re not only in the right seat at the right time, but you’re ordering well, too.

Perfecto Rocher’s Smoke.Oil.Salt. is now regularly being regarded as one of LA’s very best Spanish restaurants. It’s starting to get recognition beyond the LA metro, too. So, let’s be sure you know what to pair with your primetime table. Here’s our playbook:

Start With

    Pa amb — A three-year-old mother starter, baked daily, charred on the wood fire grill, doused in olive oil, rubbed with garlic, and topped with a fresh tomato spread. Another order, please.

    Calçots — Eaten in one go from the bottom up like they do in Valencia, the spring onion forgoes romesco sauce for a tomato-based salbitxada. Use your hands.

    Braves Trencades — Because how are those potatoes so effin crispy? Plus, 18-month aged serrano ham, chorizo, a fried egg, aioli and braves sauce. Breakfast for dinner every day of the week.

    Carabineros — Prawns with olive oil, salt, cooked on the wood-fire grill. Suck the meat out of the shells, use your hands, don’t be shy.

Then Do The

    Rosita’s arros al forn — Nostalgia is a universal flavor. Grandma Rosita’s bomba rice dish with in-house blood sausage and an entire head of garlic has been passed down in her honor. Not into blood sausage? The Valencian beef canelons with truffle bechamel is his mother’s recipe and according to Chef Rocher, not an easy one to get. Thanks mom!

    Pluma Iberica — The filet mignon of pork. No grissle, just a melt-in-your-mouth cut of meat with smoked green onions and a nutty xato sauce.

And for Dessert

    Quallida — The chamomile, meyer lemon curd, and rhubarb ice final number delivers. Tart, refreshing, and feuilletine made in-house? Bravo chef, bravo.

Have a Bottle of

    Carmins del Priorat, Garnacha Serat — This wine is supple. The balanced acid-base stands up to the richness of the food and versatility appeals to the entire table.