The Bazaar

Bazaar’s Secret Thai Cotton Candy Dumpling


The Bazaar
The Thai Cotton Candy Dumpling at Bazaar

In LA, it always pays to be in-the-know, but how to know how in-the-know you really are? Like, for example, you know about the Thai Cotton Candy Dumplings at José Andrés’s Baazar, right? Right? Right:

One part spectacle, one part sheer innovation, the deceptively simple dish is a multi-layered flavor bomb. An in-house cotton candy machine whirls out the airy wrapper of the unconventional dumpling (the machine is also used for the on-menu mojitos). Assembled inside of an empanada press, the candy shell cradles a textural revelation of crunchy chicharrón, Thai basil, micro cilantro, hoisin sauce and lemon pith purée—the last for a hit of acid(ity) on the way down. TL;DR, here’s a chicharrón dumpling with a cotton candy wrapper. These little guys make appearances on the Saam menu from time to time and members of SBE’s swank lifestyle inner circle, the CODE, have access to them. Starting now, Resy users will get them on request, too.