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The Resy Guide to Date Night in New York

There comes a moment when every romance, new or old, comfortable or awkward, is tested. Your date leans forward, eyes…

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What to Order at New York’s Top Cocktail Bars, According to the Bartenders

Never again will we take for granted the simple pleasure of sitting and having a drink at a bar. Bar…


The grocery and café counter at Marlow & Sons, which pioneered the idea nearly two decades ago. // Courtesy Marlow & Sons

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Restaurants’ New Normal? It’s How Andrew Tarlow Built His Brooklyn Empire

Creation stories surround Andrew Tarlow and his restaurants, but none trumps the cassoulet. Caroline Fidanza, the opening chef at Diner,…


Winter is coming, and Shabu Tatsu is here for it.

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The December Hit List: Achilles Heel, Yellow Rose, Shabu Tatsu, Anton’s, and More

December is here, as is the next COVID wave. We’ve locked down before and we can do it again, but…


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New on Resy, Bars Edition: The Dead Rabbit, 67 Orange Street, Dutch Kills, and More

Autumn in New York is the ideal time to settle into a bar for a drink, and while times are…