Photo courtesy of Port Sa’id

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The August Hit List: Achilles Heel, Angel’s Share, Nowon Bushwick, and More 


We’ve officially entered the part of season when the term summer glow takes on a very literal meaning for all of us in New York. It’s also the perfect time to take advantage of the slower pace (and somewhat emptier restaurants) and grab a meal (and some drinks) at some stalwart standouts and exciting newcomers. Our preferred strategy for this month? Turning toward dishes with plenty of spice to balance out the summer heat, and exploring the bounty of Asian-influenced cooking and drinking popping up throughout the city.

So, go ahead and feast on some banchan (and much more) over at Achilles Heel. Relive your favorite nightcap memories at the new West Village location of Angel’s Share. Dig into a wood-fired Kinda Korean Margherita pizza from the newest outpost of Nowon in Bushwick. Slurp on some ramen and devour a mountain of omurice in Long Island City at Vert Frais. It’s now or never — don’t delay. This is your Resy Hit List for August.