It’s hard not to feel cool while drinking a martini. Photo courtesy of Coucou

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The Resy Guide to the Westside’s Coolest Spots


The Westside isn’t exactly cool, but its dining scene is palpably transforming into something much more intriguing than what we’ve seen in years past. Sure, you still have stalwarts like Chinois on Main, with its perfectly preserved jade-and-black ‘80s decor and Chinese chicken salad, and The Galley with its Christmas lights and fish and chips.

But we’re happy to report that simultaneously, just down the street, you can now find  raw seafood and biodynamic wine (Crudo e Nudo), birria joints and burger spots that make a mockery of stereotypical Westside calorie counting, Black-owned wine bars frequented by Issa Rae (Offhand), serious coffee shops (Gnarwhal, Hooked at Dudley Market), and glorious queer pop-up parties (West of Lincoln Bar). 

And the more of us that find our way out West, the more spots like the hip haunts listed below will organically pop up, accommodating our thirst for aperitivo hour, tinned fish, and vibes chill enough to make you think you’re on the Eastside… even though you’re a full hour an hour and a half away with traffic (don’t shoot the messenger).

Welcome to the new-and-improved Westside. It’s about damn time.

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Why the Westside Is So Hot Right Now

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