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The New York Restaurants We Loved in June


Summer is finally here, meaning it’s prime time for savoring those summer Fridays, basking in the not-too-hot-yet weather, and taking advantage of the fact that vacation season has also commenced. (Translation: It’s time to put those Resy Notifys to work.) Here’s a look into all the places we loved dining at this past month.

Deluxe Green Bo

  • Chinatown

Ugly Baby

  • Carroll Gardens

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

  • Carroll Gardens

Resy Staffer Spotlight: Matt Glassett

Photo courtesy of Matt Glassett

Like many New Yorkers, Resy’s data and analytics manager Matt Glassett loves seeking out new restaurants to discover. He’s known for making reservations at the newest spots and inviting friends to join him. He also notes it wasn’t until he joined Resy four years ago that he got more into fine dining (he’s worked in the fast-casual industry before) but ever since, he’s loved it: “When you have a dinner where everything’s coursed really well and every dish feels really special, and the whole point of going out to eat is to celebrate that, it reminds you that dining is an experience and can be so exciting.” Even though he’s often out and about checking out new spots, these are the few spots he’s returned to again and again.

For Special Occasions: Claro  
I went for my birthday twice in the last three years and it’s become a good spot, especially for birthdays. I’m celiac and my parents are vegetarian, and it’s very friendly for all of that. It’s a nice prix-fixe experience without the crazy sticker shock of it. Everything is gluten free, and the drinks are really nice. The little details there are really cute; they source a chocolate that’s so delicious, and you get it at the end of your meal.

For Pasta Loading: Vic’s
It’s one of the most consistent restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s very easy to get a table, even at the last minute, and it’s good for a larger group. The price point is really good, and they’ve got this simple menu and beautiful space that’s casual and approachable. They have really good gluten-free pasta, too, with unique shapes and amazing texture; it’s one of my favorites.

For the Out-of-Towners: Llama Inn
Whenever anyone comes to New York and asks for a rec, I always say Llama Inn. You don’t get Peruvian fine dining often, so it’s a pretty unique experience for people coming to a big city. Every time I’ve been I always get nervous, because I worry it won’t be as good as I remember, but it always delivers. It’s such a classic Brooklyn spot — you know, dimly lit, with waitstaff covered in tattoos — but makes really amazing, creative food. The chef [Erik Ramirez] got nominated for a Beard Award this year, too.

For the Brooklynites: Winona’s
Just in terms of contemporary Brooklyn dining, I think Winona’s is a classic. I just love that space: It’s so cozy but also very grand. They’ve got a great wine list, and it feels very relatable. The waitstaff always feel more like friends. They also have a lot of pop-ups, which I think is a lot of fun.

Also For the Brooklynites: Macosa Trattoria
A great neighborhood spot: It’s truly cozy, and the décor feels like my grandma’s house but they have a really great and fun Negroni menu and an amaro selection. I love getting the sunchokes there, and they also have really good gluten-free pasta.

For Some Spice and Heat: MáLà Project
I really love the gentle burn of a Sichuan peppercorn and while there are four places that come to mind for that, if I had to pick one, it would be MáLà Project. It was the last meal I had before we were all locked down for the pandemic. The other spots are Birds of a Feather, Hupo, and Han Dynasty.

For Sentimental Reasons: Deluxe Green Bo
My one friend who moved to New York several years ago and is the complete opposite of me — he comes to a city and finds a spot and sticks with it — loves Deluxe Green Bo in Chinatown. He moved away before the pandemic hit, and now we go there all the time because he got us hooked on it. It’s my No. 1 restaurant for sentimental value and great dumplings.

For a Snack and a Seat at the Bar: Red Hook Tavern
I had the sweetest experience there one time. It was Father’s Day during the pandemic, and I went to Bay Ridge with my dad at a classic Italian spot out there. I wasn’t taking the subway at the time, so I was biking back up to Northern Brooklyn, and I stopped at Red Hook Tavern to get a snack and use the bathroom. I ordered the ice cream sundae and a glass of orange wine, and they thought it was so funny. A few other tables saw my sundae and also ordered the sundae, so they comped me for the sundae. It was one of my favorite dining moments in the city. It started out as a utility stop but ended up being one of the loveliest afternoons.

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There is no doubt in my mind that I will be going back …

To Shukette in the very near future. I went to Shukette with a few of my oldest friends and we were all taken aback by the level of hospitality they showed us. Not only did our server remember all of our names after asking just once, but he also provided me with a specially marked menu showing what I could eat with my nut allergy. Our server guided us through the menu and explained how many portions we should get from each section and what the hit dishes were; we took his word and were not disappointed. Some highlights were the frena bread which paired amazingly well with the labne. And in terms of the larger dishes, it’s hard to pass up on the Joojeh chicken.

Shane Gilligan, Analyst, Strategic Partnerships


This spot is going to become one of the most sought-after Korean restaurants in New York …

In no time. On a recent Saturday night, my friends and I made a spontaneous decision to try walking in to Moono to try their Pyongyang cold noodles, a North Korean dish I always get on my annual trips to Seoul and have not seen a single restaurant in the U.S. serve. Luckily, the staff accommodated a table pretty quickly — this probably won’t happen once word spreads about Moono — and we each had our bowls of cool noodles and yukhoe (beef tartare) that was also spectacular. It was thrilling to see new additions to the variety of Korean dishes you can have here in New York; there are lots of places where you can get Korean barbecue, tofu soups, and bibimbap, but the menu at Moono is unlike any other.

Jina Park, Director, Restaurant Partner Marketing


The perfect restaurant doesn’t exist …

But in my humble opinion, I think Red Hook Tavern proves that wrong. The vibes are immaculate, the wine list is filled with steals, and the burger is the best in the city. Despite its simplicity, it feels like a luxury to go there, without ever being pretentious.

Will Stern, Senior Manager, B2B Product Partnerships & Business Development


This place is worth it for the room alone …

All the food was delicious, too, which is obviously a plus, but the room at Gage & Tollner is so old school and cool. I loved the wedge salad and my fried chicken with a side of onion rings was amazing. Pro tip: Tell your server early on that you’d like to have a nightcap at The Sunken Harbor Club (the bar upstairs), so they can get you on the list. It’s a fun experience and the perfect way to close out your night. Also, don’t be shy about an early reservation; the food is rich, and you won’t regret dining before 6 p.m.

Duncan Goodwin, Senior Implementation Specialist 


It’s tough to find a place that satisfies everyone …

When my brother and his wife came into town the other week, she wanted sushi and we did not. So, what better compromise than a Japanese steakhouse? We stayed until midnight at Salt + Charcoal and mostly treated it like a tapas trip. We ordered multiples of the crunchy oysters, tuna tartare, and wagyu beef sashimi — all of which were divine. The truffle wagyu beef roll off the specials board might have convinced me that truffle belongs on everything. And whatever you do, save room for the matcha cake for dessert.

Jonathan Cespedes, Senior Software Engineer


The legendary cold fried chicken …

At the Bar at Momofuku Ko lives up to the hype. I paired it with the burger with foie gras — how could such indulgence be bad? — lots of pickles, some beautiful bread and butter, and a raw fish dish that was a light and refreshing counterpoint. The wine program is incredible, with stellar wines by the glass always on rotation.

Aaron Ginsberg, Vice President of Partnerships


Campobaja is a Resy staff favorite in Mexico City …

So we were thrilled to learn they were coming to New York City for a few nights for a pop-up at Aldama. We enjoyed a variety of flavorful and exciting mariscos; the most interesting was a ceviche spiced with Sichuan peppercorn, cloves, and cinnamon. While this was a special pop-up menu, Aldama has consistently delicious bites, great drinks, and a beautiful patio perfect for summer al fresco dining.

Isabelle Andrews, Product


Hart’s hit all the right notes for an early summer meal …

I had the fried softshell crab, a salad, and the clam toast — bright, zippy, herby bites I won’t soon forget.

Ria Mar-Fan, Product Services Manager


Pita-bread-to-dip ratio is important …

And Souvlaki GR in Midtown nailed it during a meal I had with a friend from home over the long weekend. The mezedes melitzanosalata (eggplant) dish was great. Having grown accustomed to always needing to order extra pita bread at restaurants due to larger dip portions, we found ourselves pleasantly surprised for the first time by having too much pita leftover.

Dan Snitzer, Resy Marketing Intern


The whole time you feel like your mouth is on fire …

But you can’t stop eating when you’re at Ugly Baby in Carroll Gardens. The whole experience is so vibrant, from the interiors to the plates and utensils, and it’s so fun. Get ready for some spice and if you want to cool down afterward, walk to Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain for the best ice cream.

Felicity Lin, B2B Marketing Senior Analyst


Deanna Ting is Resy’s New York Editor. Some of her favorite recent meals took place at Libertine, Samwoojung, Playground Thai, and Mischa. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Resy, too.