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Resy Staff Favorites: The New York Restaurants We Loved in 2022

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If there’s one thing you should know about the people at Resy, it’s that we love restaurants.

They’ve rooted us, taken care of us, been our home away from home, and acted as the seamless backdrop for moments big and small: from first dates to engagement dinners, from birthday celebrations to curing a Sunday hangover …

So, with another great year of dining under our belts, the Resy staff went over our dish highlights and best of dining experiences in New York, our gems and go-to’s we’d almost rather keep to ourselves but are willing to share here with you.

From A to … well, to W, here are our top New York dining moments of 2022.

1. With the hopes of having an amazing meal…

To celebrate my 24th trip around the sun, I set a bunch of Notifies at highly-coveted New York restaurants. I had no luck, when suddenly, on the morning of my birthday, I got a Notify for a four-top at 4 Charles Prime Rib. The reservation was for 9:45 p.m., but there was no way I was passing up a chance to eat that burger. We ordered a lot, the food was stellar, and they even threw in a complimentary dessert. West Village, New York

Shane Gilligan, Strategic Partnerships Analyst


2. After living upstate for two years…

Newly single, and excited for change and new adventures, I wanted my first meal back in the city to be familiar and reassuring, and to reconnect with an old haunt, in the old neighborhood. That first meal back, party of one, was at al di là TrattoriaPark Slope, Brooklyn

John Niedermeyer, Principal Designer


3. To celebrate their sixth birthday…

Atoboy offered a caviar supplement that could be added to any of their dishes. I considered putting it on their famous fried chicken, but realized there was no other choice than topping it onto their legendary uni, seaweed, and steamed egg dish. Each bite was a magical umami explosion that I’ll remember forever. Easily the best thing I ate this year. NoMad, New York

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product


4. My literal dream…

Of a neighborhood bar: Bar Americano. It opened on my block after a lengthy buildout and their concept, “inspired by the famed apéritif bars of Spain and Northern Italy” (their words), comes just in time for cozy winter nights with friends. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Lauren Young, Resy PR


5. A recent breakfast at…

Buvette with one of my best friends, right before he boarded a plane to move out of the city. That morning, tears were shed, but the steamed eggs were as fluffy as ever, the pain perdu was perfectly sweet, and the conversation kept flowing, just like old times. It was the perfect place to say “until we meet again” to one of my dearest friends. West Village, New York

— Deanna Ting, New York Editor


6. The welcoming Southern hospitality…

So warmly felt at C as in Charlie, a Korean restaurant with Southern roots. All three of the founders are from Atlanta, and one of them, David, regularly walks around the restaurant, greeting guests with complimentary sweet tea and shots of soju. In a city as large as New York, you don’t forget the moments where people go out of their way to make you feel welcome in their space. It kind of felt like home. NoHo, New York

— Gina Chun, Senior Product Manager, Inventory


Fish tacos at Ensenada in Brooklyn.
Fish tacos at Ensenada. Photo by Resy staffer Lala Liban
The steamed egg dish at Atoboy in New York.
The steamed egg with caviar at Atoboy. Photo by Resy staffer Charles Zhao

7. The wonderful service…

And fluke ceviche at Cosme Aguilar’s Casa Enrique. It truly is a special restaurant. Long Island City, Queens

— Evan Stein, Regional Sales Manager, NYC


8. Warming up on a freezing January day…

With one of the most underrated cuisines: Georgian food at Chama Mama. The pickled vegetables, walnut sauce chicken, and Georgian semisweet red wine were so very comforting and unique (and that’s not even mentioning the cheese boat). Shoutout to the waitstaff, who made sure you had a shot of chacha (grape vodka) between courses! Chelsea, New York

— Matt Glassett, Data and Analytics Manager


9. Loved everything about…

Claud: the service, the vibe, but man oh man, the food was incredible. Most notably the red shrimp, chicken liver agnolotti, and the insanely delicious sky-high chocolate cakeEast Village, New York

— Jamie Goldstein, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships


10. Four of the best cocktails I’ve ever had…

Were sipped in the back room of Double Chicken Please. The Cold Pizza cocktail reminded me of early Sunday mornings in college, when I’d wake up in a haze with nothing to eat, but found some leftover treasure in the pizza box hanging out in the fridge. That cocktail tasted just like a cold slice. Lower East Side, New York

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product


11. The absolute perfect…

Neighborhood bar and restaurant, with the pizza New York City needed: I spent more time at Emmett’s On Grove than anywhere else in the city this year. / West Village, New York

— Colin Camac, Senior Regional Director, NYC


12. If you’re looking to get rid of your FOMO…

From everyone on your feed going to Mexico City, Ensenada will do the trick. Chef Luis Herrera is incredibly talented and has been partnering with a number of other chefs in the city for innovative pop-ups. Don’t miss out on their happy hour deals for what is maybe the best fish taco in New York City.  / Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Lala Liban, Revenue Enablement Manager


The lamb ribs at Eyval in Brooklyn.
The lamb ribs at Eyval. Photo by Resy staffer Ria Mar-Fan
The strip steak at Gage & Tollner in Brooklyn.
The strip steak at Gage & Tollner. Photo by Resy staffer Pete Schaaf

13. A dinner with six friends at…

Eyval. We ordered three-fourths of the menu, doubled up on breads, skipped the mains, did not want to share the lamb ribs, and will remember those scallops forever. Bushwick, Brooklyn

— Ria Mar-Fan, Manager, Product Services


14. The neighborhood spot…

For me and my girlfriend: Fausto. It’s always so solid, and we love going there for the great pastas, delicious wines and cocktails, and the best Vesper (if that’s your thing). Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Tyler Friedman, Restaurant Success Manager


15. The must-order…

At Thai firecracker Fish Cheeks: The whole fried fish topped with a medley of herbs. / Bowery, New York

— Helen Nguyen, Manager, Implementation


16. This year’s weekend regular…

Fort Defiance. There’s nothing more relaxing than settling in at the bar, ordering a Wellness Burger (two smashed onion patties), fries, and a classic cocktail on a Sunday afternoon. Bonus: Their custom candles from Apotheke smell magical. Red Hook, Brooklyn

— Juliana Dutan, Project Manager


17. Still thinking about…

The barn burger at Friend of a Farmer. Consider it a cold winter’s night essential. / Gramercy Park, New York

Adrien Gay-Bellile, Analyst, Revenue Enablement


18. A chilly winter night…

Spent having an absolutely fantastic time at Gage & Tollner. We walked in hoping for bar seats, but it was full — luckily, Sunken Harbor, their perfect tiki bar upstairs with great drinks and snacks, was not. Once there was room down at the G&T bar, we feasted on the strip steak and onion rings. (Full disclosure, if I see onion rings on any menu, I can’t resist.) / Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn

Pete Schaaf, Business Analysis Manager


Champagne at Lure Fishbar in New York.
Champagne at Lure Fishbar. Photo by Resy staffer Leslie Delacruz
The whole fried fish at Fish Cheeks in New York.
The whole fried fish at Fish Cheeks. Photo by Resy staffer Helen Nguyen

19. The pancakes at…

Golden Diner are no secret to pancake aficionados (heyyy), but having them for dinner was one of my favorite meals of the year: Receiving a plate piled high with their fluffy, honey butter cakes in the late-night hour sort of felt like a bonus, or like I was getting away with something. / Two Bridges, New York

— Alex Johnson, Senior Manager, Marketing


20. On a cold and rainy September Sunday…

A friend and I decided it was a “burger in a tavern” kind of day, and Ingas came through. Tucked into a perfect corner table in the bar area, we shared a celery and anchovy salad followed by one of the better burgers I’ve had in a long time. It healed our hangovers and perfectly satiated our cozy Sunday quest. Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

— Isabelle Andrews, Senior Product Manager


21. The best of both worlds…

An intimate neighborhood spot with an elegance that keeps up with New York’s finest dining establishments, Kingfisher and its seafood-forward menu make clever use of nuts, dairy, and vegetables for hearty and fresh dishes. Can’t-misses are the fluke with yuzu, the kohlrabi with marinated feta, and the eponymous Kingfisher entrée/ Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

— Matt Glassett, Data and Analytics Manager


22. A side counter seat at…

The yakitori omakase restaurant, Kono. The dramatic chef’s counter setup was inspired by kabuki theater and you’re going to want a seat on the furthest side to watch chef Atsushi “ATS” Kono meticulously work the binchotan grill like some fiery ballet. The resulting skewers and bites are one thrilling ode to chicken, and you absolutely need to order the chochin skewer as an extra, if it’s not part of the tasting already.  Chinatown, New York

— Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer


23. My go-to spot for brunch this year…

Leland Eating and Drinking House. It’s a bright and airy restaurant on a quiet, residential street, so going there when it’s light out is the perfect way to kick off your weekend. Plus, all of their baked goods are made in-house! My go-to is the egg and cheese sandwich on a potato bun (I dream about this potato bun) with za’atar chips. / Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

— Liora Fishman, Senior Email Marketing Manager


24. Me and my boyfriend’s…

Absolute go-to: Lure Fishbar. We come a few times a month for sushi and always sit at the bar, because our favorite busboy, Joselito, works there. He always greets us with a glass of Champagne and helps us snag a spot. During the thick of COVID when restaurants weren’t doing so well, we would spend hours after dinner chatting with him and having wine. It’s become our favorite place to dine in the city. SoHo, New York

— Leslie Delacruz, Office & Employee Experience Manager


The salt and pepper chicken with scallion biscuits at Potluck Club in New York.
The salt and pepper chicken with scallion biscuits at Potluck Club. Photo by Resy staffer Tania Bou Samra
The chicken liver agnolotti at Claud in New York.
The chicken liver agnolotti at Claud. Photo by Resy staffer Jamie Goldstein

25. Saying that a Chintan Pandya and Roni Mazumdar restaurant…

Will have unexpected dishes on offer is basically the theme of 2022, but the opening menu at Masalawala & Sons (basically a tribute to Mazumdar’s father’s recipes) drove that home in a big way. In a strong lineup, the true standout was the bhetki paturi: seemingly simple whitefish steamed in a banana leaf, but with the eye-clearing pungency of green chile and mustard seed. Simple, bold, perfect. Park Slope, Brooklyn

— Jon Bonné, Managing Editor


26. Ice cream is my kryptonite…

So I knew I’d be a fan of Mel’s as soon as the dinner menu graced our table and saw a dedicated section for gelato sundaes (every course was exceptional though, from the delicata squash to the guanciale pizza). I was lucky enough to sit at the kitchen bar, or a front-row seat to the dessert station: watching the sundaes come to life felt like being in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. / Chelsea, New York

— Alex Johnson, Senior Manager, Marketing


27. One of the most comforting…

And satisfying desserts out there: the profiteroles au chocolat at La Mercerie. Five delicate choux pastries filled with sweet vanilla ice cream are presented to you like a pyramid on a plate, but having the hot chocolate sauce poured on top right in front of you is, quite literally, the icing on the cake. Soho, New York

— Tania Bou Samra, Senior Brand Designer


28. A seat at the wine bar…

At One White Street. The chilled foie gras dish with grilled grapes and pull-apart grape bread was fire. / Tribeca, New York

Tess Gostfrand, Product Marketing Manager


29. The fun, joint pottery-and-restaurant space…

That is ostudio. We had the pleasure of dining during chef Greg Wong’s residency, who served delicious chicken pho, clams, sourdough, and our favorite: ube ice cream with mochi chunks. Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

— Felicity Lin, Senior Analyst, B2B Marketing


30. Getting engaged…

In the skybox at Le Pavillon, the glass-enclosed jewel box of a private dining room that overlooks the restaurant’s kitchen. Daniel Boulud said he was giving me a “tour of the kitchen” but lo and behold, there was a proposal scheme at play. I was completely surprised — it was a most magical restaurant night. Midtown, New York

Lauren Young, Resy PR


The bison au poivre and duck aux épices at Le Rock in New York.
The bison au poivre and duck aux épices at Le Rock. Photo by Resy staffer Lala Liban
Cocktails at Double Chicken Please in New York.
Cocktails at Double Chicken Please. Photo by Resy staffer Charles Zhao

31. Dishes like…

Place des Fêtes’ wood-ear mushrooms, because they exist as menu totems to chase off the food-timid. The slippery, gelatinous beauty of wood-ears takes some getting used to, here punched up with caramelized fish sauce that perfectly tangles up Maillard and umami. It’s all … a lot. It’s also perhaps the most craveable dish of 2022. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Jon Bonné, Managing Editor


32. This is my formal plea…

To Potluck Club to sell breakfast sandwiches on their insane scallion biscuit. Potluck  Club is one of those restaurants where, if you’re a group of four or more, you’ll have the distinct pleasure of being able to order every single dish. All hits, no misses, and there’s something on the menu for everyone. Don’t skip out on the dole whip dessert/ Chinatown, New York

Lala Liban, Revenue Enablement Manager


33. If you want to geek out…

On some of the best pizza in America, go to Razza and embrace the hype. Get the butter tasting. Talk to Dan Richer about the different cultures he uses. And try to understand how the meatballs are so good. Jersey City

Aaron Ginsberg, Director, Strategic Partnerships


34. Still dreaming of…

The pasta tasting at Rezdôra. Every course was incredible, but I’m still thinking about that tortellini in brodoFlatiron District, New York

Avery Newcomb, Chief Operating Officer


35. It takes a lot…

To get me up to Midtown, but I have now been to Le Rock about five or six times since they opened. The food and service are so dialed in, and it is just an incredible time/ Midtown, New York

— Colin Camac, Senior Regional Director, NYC


36. Obviously had to try…

Rolo’s after Jeremy Allen White from The Bear said it was his go-to. And it did not disappoint: The polenta bread with Calabrian chili butter, good company, and direct view of the open kitchen made it all A+. Shoutout to Ben, the manager, who came to say hi! / Ridgewood, Queens

— Felicity Lin, Senior Analyst, B2B Marketing


Dessert at Rolo's in Queens.
Dessert at Rolo’s. Photo by Resy staffer Felicity Lin
Profiteroles at La Mercerie in New York.
Profiteroles at La Mercerie. Photo by Resy staffer Tania Bou Samra

37. With the sheer volume of options in New York City…

Santa Fe BK is the only restaurant I visited more than once this year, in no small part due to owners Melissa Klein and John Watterberg’s warm hospitality. What started as a small but mighty takeout window for breakfast burritos has blossomed into my favorite neighborhood spot for balanced margaritas and giant green chile chicken enchiladas. And every order comes with a surprise free dessert! Who doesn’t love a free surprise? In this economy?! / Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Caryn Ganeles, Senior Manager, B2B Marketing


38. Just have to say…

That the perfect khao soi at Soothr brought me back to Chiang Mai. Thank you. / East Village, New York

Adrien Gay-Bellile, Analyst, Revenue Enablement


39. A steamy bowl of ramen…

On a first date, on a hot, muggy day at Takumen. I didn’t have very high expectations for the date or the meal (ramen on such a humid day?), but both exceeded my expectations. Over our steaming bowls, a shared order of crisp cucumbers, and endless refills of soba-cha, everything just clicked, and I’m so glad — and grateful — for that first meal together/ Long Island City, Queens

— Deanna Ting, New York Editor


40. Taking over the communal table at…

Ten Bells with repeated croquetas, boquerones, empanadas, spicy meatballs, and endlessly flowing wines any time we needed some team bonding. Special thanks to the incredible staff for always recommending the best bottles and welcoming us with open arms. / Lower East Side, New York

— The Resy Product and Design Team


41. Taking my parents out to…

Wenwen. What a special, delicious, and riotously fun place to welcome them to New York, all the way from France. My (French) dad was very pleased with Wenwen’s sauce game, while my (Taiwanese American) mom delighted in the familiar flavors of her own parents’ homeland — though she may have enjoyed the bathroom the most (IYKYK). Don’t sleep on the excellent vegetables: the wok-tossed water spinach and pea shoots are something else. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

— Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer