The beef noodle soup at Ho Foods.
Taiwan’s national dish, or beef noodle soup. Photo by Ben Hon, courtesy of Ho Foods

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The Resy Guide to Cozy Noodle Soups in New York


And … it’s cold again. The holidays are over, New Year’s come and gone, and all we have to look forward to are three (let’s hope no more than four) dreary months of New York winter. Brrr. The city isn’t without its wintery charms, though — think of all the dead-of-winter foods that simply don’t make sense in more pleasant climates! (Raclette in the summer? Nope.)

To start you off, we present our guide to the very best noodle soups, so deliciously cozy they may just lure you out of hibernation. Here’s to ramen, tortellini en brodo, mohinga, beef noodle soup, and everything in between.