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Resy Staff Favorites: The Restaurants We Loved in 2022

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If there’s one thing you should know about the people at Resy, it’s that we love restaurants.

They’ve rooted us, taken care of us, been our home away from home, and acted as the seamless backdrop for moments big and small: from first dates to engagement dinners, from birthday celebrations to curing a Sunday hangover …

So, with another great year of dining under our belts, the Resy staff went over our dish highlights and best of dining experiences, our gems and go-to’s we’d almost rather keep to ourselves but are willing to share here with you.

From Atlanta to the Bay Area, and from London to Miami, here are our top dining moments of 2022.

P.S.: For New York City picks (Resy was founded in the Big Apple, after all), head here.

1. You can’t walk into…

Sean Brock’s Audrey and June and focus on one thing: every single detail is important and has purpose. A remarkable place to visit, learn, but most of all, dine — there’s nowhere else like it in the country. Nashville

Aaron Ginsberg, Director, Strategic Partnerships


2. If you find yourself…

Gravitating towards dining at the bar, Bambola is easily becoming a go-to spot. Come for the gorgeous room, stay for this perfect bite: Wagyu and caviar on fried Chinese breadChicago

Liz Mendez, Manager, Restaurant Success


3. A hidden gem…

Tucked away in East Atlanta: Banshee and its seasonal menu that never disappoints. Pro tip: Don’t leave without trying the pepperoni butter/ Atlanta

Adrien Gay-Bellile, Analyst, Revenue Enablement


4. A restaurant that captures…

That effortlessly cool vibe that is often attempted, but rarely achieved: Bar Moruno. Their fun and expansive beverage program pairs perfectly with their casual-yet-elevated dishes —  the candied olives with almonds were far more than a bar snack, they were probably the best thing I ate all year. Los Angeles

— Matt Glassett, Data and Analytics Manager


5. A restaurant whose vibe…

Is defined not only by their incredible food, but their banging playlist, too: Black Axe Mangal. The menu changes often, but you can always expect big flavors in unexpected ways. / London

Lala Liban, Revenue Enablement Manager


6. Caviar service…

All to myself at Bludorn in Houston. Served in a vintage, roll-top caviar server with all the accoutrements, it felt so very luxurious and special. Houston

Lauren Young, Resy PR


Duck carnitas at Bombera in Okland.
Duck carnitas with mole verde at Bombera. Photo by Resy staffer Kimia Azimi
A caviar and truffle course at June in Nashville.
A caviar and truffle course on the Fall menu at June. Photo by Resy staffer Aaron Ginsberg

7. Each time I visited…

Bombera this year was a huge hit. They’re tucked away on a quiet side street but their patio, draped with papel picado and string lights, is lively. Every dish we tried stood out, but the full set they have for the duck carnitas with mole verde is phenomenal. I could eat here everyday. Oakland, Calif.

Kimia Azimi, Manager, Implementation


8. An amazing restaurant in Nashville…

Butcher & Bee, which has a rotating menu that highlights seasonal, farm-sourced ingredients. If you go and the mushroom shwarma is on the menu, just get it. I went months ago, and I still think about it all the time. Actually, everything here was to die for — don’t skip the whipped feta or the avocado crispy rice, either! Nashville

Liora Fishman, Senior Email Marketing Manager


9. Had been wanting to try…

Comedor for years, especially after hearing about the programs co-owner Phillip Speer created to support the local restaurant community’s physical and mental wellbeing. And it did not disappoint: The food was beautiful and tasty, but the atmosphere is what I loved most — the garage door-style windows that were open to the beautiful courtyard in the cool fall air, and the moodiness of the sun setting over downtown, creating an intimate vibe perfect for a date night … Have been recommending it ever since. Austin

Marissa McGovern, Restaurant Success Manager


10. Reuniting with…

An old friend, a bartender at Damian, who led us on a boozy tasting of what the very cool, all-concrete bar had to offer. Massive shoutout to the pastry team for keeping us well fed and somewhat sober with a flight of excellent desserts (still thinking about that buttery, paper-thin corn tuile), when we showed up well after the kitchen had closed. Los Angeles

Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer


11. Every time I go home…

I have to snag a couple of seats at the bar at Esther’s Kitchen with my family. This time, we said goodbye to our favorite bartender, who was moving to another country. We celebrated over the always delicious platter of “all the things” (the chef’s spread with nduja, burrata, anchovy butter, and so much more), a budino, and of course, amaro shots for all. Las Vegas

Michelle Greenbaum, Social Media Manager


12. For when I’m lazy…

Or, more truthfully, when I can’t get my mom to cook for me, I go to Gabriella’s Vietnam. My favorite dish is the savory, salty, and crispy goodness that are the flash-fried soft shell crabs tossed in salted duck yolk. Gabriella’s is like walking into my family’s kitchen (casual and comforting), minus the uncomfortable questions about having more kids (not so casual and not so comforting), ha! / Philadelphia

— Alice Tran, Senior Analyst, Strategic GTM Programming


The eggplant tostada at Comedor in Austin.
The eggplant tostada at Comedor. Photo by Resy staffer Marissa McGovern
Fried Chinese bread with Wagyu and truffle at Bambola in Chicago.
Fried Chinese bread with Wagyu and truffle at Bambola. Photo by Resy staffer Liz Mendez

13. We should all appreciate…

Restaurants like Gialina, a restaurant that’s been a part of their community and the fabric of their neighborhood for 15 years now. And we should appreciate chef-owners like Sharon Ardiana, who has been doing it the right way for so long, and continues to produce such delicious, beautiful food. And we should all appreciate how happy pizza makes everyone. / San Francisco

— Paolo Lucchesi, Editorial Director


14. The delicate…

And delightful tasting menu at The Grey. The cherry on top: Running into chef Mashama Bailey right after, at Lone Wolf Lounge. Savannah, Ga.

— Ria Mar-Fan, Manager, Product Services


15. Nothing beats…

Trivia Tuesdays at Hampton + Hudson, especially when you’ve got one of their next-level burgers in hand: Don’t miss the weekly $10 burger (a new, out-of-the-box creation every time!) and craft beer combo. / Atlanta

Adrien Gay-Bellile, Analyst, Revenue Enablement


16. While the off menu pasta…

And burger at Horses get all the love, the endive salad may have been one of the best vegetable dishes I had all year. Los Angeles

Aaron Ginsberg, Director, Strategic Partnerships


17. Without a doubt…

One of my favorites here in Philly: Irwin’s. Michael Vincent Ferreri is an incredible chef, and both his back of house and front of house staff are a delight. The vibe at Irwin’s is electric and the offerings always deliver — it’s becoming a must-reserve whenever you’re in town or planning a special evening. Philadelphia

Tom Dixon, Restaurant Success Manager


18. The fact that…

Every bite at Nikkei sensation Itamae was like French kissing a mermaid. 12/10 would smash again. / Miami

Tess Gostfrand, Product Marketing Manager


Bone marrow at Black Axe Mangal in London.
Bone marrow at Black Axe Mangal. Photo by Resy staffer Lala Liban
Sea bream in black vinegar at Kato in Los Angeles.
Sea bream in black vinegar at Kato. Photo by Resy staffer Noëmie Carrant

19. Our go-to for takeout…

This year: Iyasare. We get their sushi, soup, and salads to go, but when it comes to dining in, we always have to get their okonomiyaki for the table. Berkeley, Calif.

Kimia Azimi, Manager, Implementation


20. On Mondays, head to…

Izakaya Rintaro for “Kappo Rintaro” nights, where the chefs cook up an inventive tasting menu they wouldn’t normally do. Each course was incredible, but this one platter of small bites, ranging from fermented tomato to solidified fish bone broth to sweet glazed eggplants, was as delicious as it was beautiful. San Francisco

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product


21. The fun atmosphere…

Welcoming team, and outstanding food and cocktails at Jaguar Sun. Don’t skip the Parker house rolls with honey butter and the toss-it-yourself tagliatelle with mushrooms and a creamy egg yolk. The icing on the cake might’ve been Wrigley’s gum for everyone, handed with the check. / Miami

Amanda Kaderavek, Senior Restaurant Success Manager


22. The best bites…

On our trip to San Juan: The arroz con habichuelas (the absolute best rice and beans) and swordfish schnitzel at Jose Enrique/ San Juan

Tess Gostfrand, Product Marketing Manager


23. Ordering most…

Of the menu at chef Gregory Gourdet’s hugely anticipated restaurant, Kann, shortly after their opening. / Portland, Ore.

Zac Woodward, Senior Restaurant Success Manager

24. An anniversary dinner…

At Kato. What a meal. It’s been over six months and I’m still thinking about chef-owner Jon Yao’s Taiwanese-inspired menu (the cloud-like milk bread! The three-cup abalone! That next-level vegetable broth surrounding a perfect piece of snapper!). This is the restaurant to book for special occasions and splurges.  / Los Angeles

Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer

The okonomiyaki at Iyasare in.
The okonomiyaki at Iyasare. Photo by Resy staffer Kimia Azimi
The dosa onion rings at Pijja Palace in Los Angeles.
The dosa onion rings at Pijja Palace. Photo by Resy staffer Pete Schaaf

25. The only thing…

That could make my favorite Thai/Lao salad (nam khao, or crispy rice salad) even better would be Khom Loi’s addition of pork skins and fresh Sonoma greens. (Bonus: The Thai poster for “Flash Gordon” in the bathroom.) / Sebastopol, Calif.

Jon Bonné, Managing Editor


26. The perfect afternoon…

Is best spent in Lardon’s dining room, snacking on charcuterie and sipping Lambrusco. Shoutout to the transformative space: it channels Europe’s beloved all-day cafés while simultaneously feeling quintessential Chicago. Chicago

Liz Mendez, Manager, Restaurant Success


27. Miami mornings at…

Little Hen, because the space is filled with beautiful flowers surrounding you. Simply perfect for a cup of tea with matching chinaware. / Miami

Amanda Kaderavek, Senior Restaurant Success Manager


28. A summer night in Montréal…

Spent on Liverpool House’s back patio, eating the seafood platter and lobster pasta. We told the staff to bring us their favorites and they did not disappoint. Montréal

Nathan Ulrich, Product Designer


29. Halfway through…

My first visit to Melfi’s, I was already planning my return. I’d book a flight to Charleston just for their “fat & dirty” martini and “sort of spicy” Caesar salad/ Charleston

— Alex Johnson, Senior Manager, Marketing


30. You may only know them…

For their (insanely delicious) sandwiches, but Middle Child Clubhouse knocks it out of the park with their dinner selection, too. The salmon crudo is a must try — it’s a literal party in your mouth, bursting with flavor. Oh, and did I mention their pool table? / Philadelphia

— Alice Tran, Senior Analyst, Strategic GTM Programming


What comes with the check at Jaguar Sun in Miami.
Gum with the check at Jaguar Sun. Photo by Resy staffer Amanda Kaderavek
Pâté at The Grey in Savannah, Ga.
Pâté at The Grey. Photo by Resy staffer Ria Mar-Fan

31. Balling out with…

Anthony Falco and handful of other pizza guys at Evan Funke’s Mother Wolf. We had so many pizzas and pastas — it was fantastic. And the space is amazing, too. / Los Angeles

Pete Schaaf, Business Analysis Manager


32. One of my favorite restaurants…

Is a small plates spot with an always-changing menu: Odd Duck. They sometimes have a whole deep fried fish head, and if you see it, order it: It’s amazing. / Austin

— Helen Nguyen, Manager, Implementation


33. The wild dishes at…

Pijja Palace — this place is so zany but it works! The tandoori spaghetti is so much fun, and you have to get the dosa onion rings, too. / Los Angeles

Pete Schaaf, Business Analysis Manager


34. Be warned…

Though Portland Hunt + Alpine Club bills itself as a cocktail bar (so you may want to stop by for a drink), you might just end up staying for a full-blown meal: Their all-day menu is some of the best food in town. Salads aren’t typically thought of as standard bar fare, but months later, I’m still thinking about the one I had here. / Portland, Maine

— Alex Johnson, Senior Manager, Marketing


35. If you don’t like tinned fish…

Get ready to have your life changed: Porto deals in the best conservas, with an amazing wine list to boot, to wash it all down. / Chicago

— Amanda Garza, Restaurant Success Manager


36. There’s no restaurant anywhere…

Like Prubechu. It channels the best of heritage (Chamorro cuisine) and place (the Mission) to create a one-of-a-kind vibe with precise and unique cooking that tells the best kind of story/ San Francisco

— Paolo Lucchesi, Editorial Director


The Maine lobster dumplings at S.K.Y. in Chicago.
The Maine lobster dumplings at S.K.Y. Photo by Resy staffer Amanda Garza
Pasta at Mother Wolf in Los Angeles.
Pasta at Mother Wolf. Photo by Resy staffer Pete Schaaf

37. Finally getting to try…

Rita’s this October: what a fantastic vibe with great service and food. My favourite mouthful all year had to be the chili and lemon oil martini with their famous gildas — a skewer with a thick slice of pickled jalapeño, a big olive stuffed with blue cheese, and a Cantabrian anchovy! London

Johnny Brissenden, Regional Sales Manager, London


38. When a friend recommended…

Rocca when I was in Tampa for a few short days. We walked in, sat at the bar, and I was completely blown away by the experience (order the chicken liver and foie pâté, the pork arrosticini, and the mozzarella, pulled tableside). Definitely the best meal I had in Tampa, and probably the rest of that month. / Tampa, Fla.

— Colin Camac, Senior Regional Director, NYC


39. Something that’s bound to put a smile on your face…

The house ricotta (dynamite!) and red pie (add stracciatella + anchovies, always), paired with a dope bottle of natty red wine at Sally. Love the team there, they are always so accommodating and a joy to chat with. Philadelphia

Tom Dixon, Restaurant Success Manager


40. Getting a stiff…

Tiki drink at the Shore Leave bar and following it up with the 14-course omakase at No Relation was the one-two dining combo I didn’t know I needed in my life. / Boston

— Vince D’Angelo, Manager, GTM Strategy & Programming


41. If there is one thing…

(Well, two things), you absolutely need to try at least once in your life, it’s the Maine lobster dumplings and beef short rib from S.K.Y.. Both simply melt in your mouth. (You also can’t go wrong with the hamachi sashimi.) / Chicago

— Amanda Garza, Restaurant Success Manager


42. On a rare night out…

With a newborn baby at home, the beautifully immersive Tiki Tatsu-ya was exactly the tropical fever dream we needed. It also just happens to have the best boat drinks in town. / Austin

Jen Calloway, Senior Software Engineer

Lobster pasta at Liverpool House in Montréal.
Lobster pasta at Liverpool House. Photo by Resy staffer Nathan Ulrich
Freshly-shucked uni with orange cream at Vin Mon Lapin in Montréal.
Freshly-shucked uni with orange cream at Vin Mon Lapin. Photo by Resy staffer Charles Zhao

43. The experience that was…

The steamed bao burger at Toki. I’d never had a burger in a bao bun before, and it was amazing. / Portland, Ore.

Zac Woodward, Senior Restaurant Success Manager

44. A rite of passage…

In the Boston dining scene: Passing the porrón at Toro with friends. It never gets old. / Boston

— Vince D’Angelo, Manager, GTM Strategy & Programming


45. One of the best meals I had this year…

But maybe even in my life, was at Vin Mon Lapin. Shoutout to one heck of a spread: smoked barbecue cucumbers, a scallop toast sandwich that tasted like a decadent grilled cheese, and freshly cracked sea urchin with an orange cream sauce of your dreams. / Montréal

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product