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Five Things to Watch in the Restaurant World in 2021 

For restaurants, the year 2020 was one of incredible loss but also, one of some incredible innovations. Whether out of…


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New on Resy: Marta, Misi, Keens Steakhouse

From Missy Robbins’ long-awaited sequel to the Michelin-starred sushi bar that brought a master chef out of retirement, this New…

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Misi, Hortus, Untitled at The Whitney, Now on The Resy Hit List

The fall restaurant rush is officially underway, with Lilia’s sequel, Misi, heading into its first week of full service. And…


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Creating Culture—On and Off The Plate | Untitled at The Whitney

For most diners, the dividing line between a good and a great restaurant is an invisible one. Yet those in the industry know that, beyond sourcing the best ingredients or carefully polishing each glass, noteworthy hospitality starts with cultivating a certain kind of culture behind-the-scenes.