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Scenes From the Anajak Thai and Dhamaka Collaboration Dinners

Thai Taco Tuesdays at Anajak Thai in Sherman Oaks, Calif. are always buzzy, but the one chef Justin Pichetrungsi hosted…


Zachary Engel, the chef and co-owner of Galit in Chicago

Chef to ChefChicagoNew York

Galit’s Zachary Engel on How Food Brings Us Together

Welcome to Chef to Chef, wherein Resy empowers chefs to interview other chefs. At Chicago’s Galit, chef Zachary Engel and…


Justin Pichetrungsi, chef and owner of Anajak Thai

Chef to ChefLos AngelesNew York

Anajak Thai’s Justin Pichetrungsi on What It Means to Be Unapologetic

Welcome to Chef to Chef, wherein Resy empowers chefs to interview other chefs.  Justin Pichetrungsi didn’t always set out to…


Resy SpotlightNational

The Gospel of American Food, According to Unapologetic Foods

For so long, we’ve told ourselves that American food is defined by burgers and fries. Or slices of pizza and…


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The Resy Guide for Celebrating Eid al-Fitr in New York 

One of the most beautiful aspects of the month of Ramadan is that it brings people together to pray and…


The roast pork bun at Mei Lai Wah. // Credit: Molly Tavoletti for Resy

Chinatown USANew York

The Resy Guide to Manhattan Chinatown, By Those Who Love It Best

New York City’s first Chinatown does not kid around. The oldest of nine, it was established in the 1870s when…


GuidesNew York

The Resy Guide to Date Night in New York

There comes a moment when every romance, new or old, comfortable or awkward, is tested. Your date leans forward, eyes…


The RundownNew York

Everything You Need to Know About Naks, From the Same Team Behind Dhamaka and Semma

Ask most New Yorkers for their opinions or expertise on Filipino food and chances are — if you’re lucky —…


Resy SpotlightNew York

Dhamaka and Its Relentless, Unapologetic, and Very Necessary Pursuit

In the past two years since it opened in February 2021, Dhamaka is the relatively newer New York restaurant I…


Diners snack on crispy shrimp heads from Cervo's in New York City.

EventsNew York

What Do Chefs Love About New York?

With some of New York’s finest chefs and operators coming together to celebrate the culinary wonders of New York City…


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