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The 2023 Resy Guide to New Year’s Eve in D.C.


Between gift-wrapping and holiday checklists, you might’ve forgotten that New Year’s Eve is a mere two weeks away. And there’s plenty to celebrate as we wrap up this year and look ahead to the next. So, whether you’re looking to go big with a caviar-laced meal or just keep it casual, we have you covered for every occasion in and around the District.

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Photo courtesy of Lutèce
Photo courtesy of Lutèce

Pregame with a celebratory drink…

NYE is an evening that needs an energetic start, and where better to get that than the kaleidoscopic wonder that is the bar at El Presidente? There’s margaritas and agave spirits if that’s your speed, and standout beer cocktails if you want to ease into the evening.

Or perhaps you want to start even earlier, in which case the Pajama Brunch Party at St. Vincent Wine might be your speed.  Indeed, there’s a raft of New Years Eve brunch options around town, including a Taylor Swift-themed bash at All Purpose Capitol Riverfront, and an indulgent take at Sequoia, with prime rib, crab legs, and more.

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And enact your New Year’s resolution…

And your plan to become a regular at one of the District’s most exceptional restaurants, or double down on your regular status.  We’re thinking of spots like Albi, which is hosting a special New Year’s Sofra; or Centrolina, with its own celebratory dinner; or the always-joyous Ellē, with its own chill festivities (and cat pictures!).

Then there’s the evening’s plans at Compass Rose, specifically a culinary voyage to Brazil. Tail Up Goat is following up on its own resolutions with six courses dedicated to its purveyors — farmers, ranchers, fishermen. And Hiraya has its own seven-course Filipino feast planned, a preview of its coming tasting menus.

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Photo courtesy of Lutèce
Photo courtesy of Lutèce

Or dress to the nines and go all out…

Namely at Marcel’s, which is leaning into its white-tablecloth vibes and planning a luxe six-course menu at $275 — jackets, ahem, strongly encouraged. (There’s also a four-course menu earlier in the evening for $200.) Equally sublime if perhaps more jacket-optional? Lutèce is offering its own six-course menu (including bar seating).

Alternately, going big in D.C. seems to mean truffles and more truffles. As at Fiola, where the usual truffle menu is getting a New Year’s Eve glow-up, at $480 per person (with a traditional menu for $390).

If that’s not posh enough for you, L’Ardente is swinging for the rafters: oysters, truffles, caviar, foie gras, châteaubriand, and more — for a modest $2,024 for four people, all inclusive. (Yes, that’s a comma.)


Photo courtesy of L’Ardente
Photo courtesy of L’Ardente

Unless you’d prefer a proper party…

Namely one with a French twist, given this year’s Francophile tendencies. Primrose is leaning into its Gallic fondness with its Midnight in Paris party, including an open bar and hors d’oeuvres for $175. Petite Cerise is following a similar vibe for its party, with an oyster station and wines from magnums. And of course Le Diplomate is in on this too, naturally, with passed Champagne, absinthe towers, and live jazz from Joe Herrera of Thievery Corporation.

Feeling something different? Lapis is throwing an Afghan-themed bash, with a special cocktail menu. And need we even say there’s no party like a pasta party? Which is what Revelers Hour has in its plans for $85 a person; bookings after 9:30 p.m. go through midnight.

And if you just want to stay at home…

There’s nothing like staying in and ordering pizza. And D.C.’s pizza game is stronger than ever these days. Consider the Greek-inspired efforts at Martha Dear (the white pie with kefalotyri and myzithra cheeses is our happy place), or Mike Friedman’s award-winning pies at All Purpose.

And while, yes, Chinese takeout historically is more of a Christmas thing, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that dumplings and char siu pork (much like pizza) go great with Champagne. Lucky for us that Tiger Fork indeed does takeout — in addition to reservations for dining in on New Years.

Bonus: The morning after.

Whether you end up staying all night or not, you can never go wrong by kicking off 2024 deliciously. Here’s where Residents Cafe comes in, with a special three-course brunch for New Year’s Day. Fizzy drinks included, in case the road of excess called to you the night before.