Cranes Spanish Kaiseki and Jiwa Singapura chef-partner Pepe Moncayo.

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Pepe Moncayo of Cranes Spanish Kaiseki on the Joys of Dining With Kids


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Today, we’re chatting with Pepe Moncayo, chef-partner of Cranes Spanish Kaiseki and Jiwa Singapura.

Resy: What are some things that make a restaurant experience with kids more enjoyable? 

Pepe Moncayo: Mostly two things: A) Hospitality — I know my kids can be messy, sometimes loud, hyperactive. Be understanding. They are just kids. B) Kids are the priority. Settle them first, put them to eat as soon as possible, and you’ll make me relax.  

What’s a dish or experience that your kids loved that either surprised you or made you super happy? 

Nothing in particular, rather observing the evolution through the years. When our oldest, for the first time, ate rare meat or sushi, [those] are days that [I’ll] keep in my mind.  

What are some of the foods that you’re excited to see your kids try? 

I’m always excited when they come to one of the restaurants and try what we are doing. They don’t have filters — [they] like it or don’t like it. That’s it. Brutally honest.  

What’s your favorite part about dining out with kids? 

My favorite thing to do when I’m off is to spend time with the family. I don’t do it as much as I would like to, but that’s the job. My passion is food and restaurants.

What’s your best piece of advice to parents dining out with kids? 

It’s always good to check the suitability of restaurants for kids. I know that there are places where I won’t be able to relax, as kids are expected to behave like adultshow stupid but they don’t dare to say they don’t welcome kids.