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The Ultimate Resy Guide to Brunch in D.C.

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As most of the locals in the D.C. area are well aware, brunch is wildly popular, with many restaurants serving unique menus that are distinct from other offerings — it being not quite breakfast and not quite lunch. (And certainly not dinner, though it might come with a slice of canteloupe.) D.C. also is notably diverse, with restaurants offering cuisines from around the country and around the world. Put that all together, and it means an array of exceptional brunch menus, showcasing midday specialties from cultures far and wide.

As such, we have compiled a list of exceptional brunches found across D.C., highlighting the best from different cultures in the U.S. and around the globe. That might include shrimp and grits at Creole on 14th, Italian-inspired tiramisu French toast at L’Ardente, a Bombay toastie at Bindaas, or the Malaysian fried chicken at Makan. Here’s all you need to take a brunch tour around the world, without ever leaving the District.