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The October Hit List: Popoca, AltoVino, Copas, and More


As we officially reach the final quarter of the year and start our October, we have to ask ourselves the hard, important, pressing question: Which character from “The Bear” will you be dressing up as for Halloween? Will you be doing Carmy in a white t-shirt and blue apron or a chef’s coat? We’re calling Matty Matheson’s Neil Fak, mainly for his sweet band tees and impeccably groomed mustache (not to mention the rad rat tail).

The other, more important question to ask: Where will you be dining? With a slew of recent highly anticipated openings, including Popoca, Oakland is a good start. Or maybe you want to stay in The City and revisit Copas for a taco-fest, or AltoVino to compare with its new sister restaurant, or your favorite California izakaya — those are good options, too. See more delicious ideas below, in your latest Resy Hit List. San Francisco summer is here, so get on out there.