Photo by Kenji Yamagata, courtesy of Uzuki

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The September Hit List: Foxface Natural, Uzuki, Al Coro, and More 


Traditionally, September in New York marks not just going back to school or to work, but also prime time for restaurant openings. It’s when many of us flock to the newest hot spots, hoping to discover the latest and greatest restaurants that everyone will be setting Notifies for in no time.

This month’s Hit List accounts for those — but because the restaurant equivalent of Newton’s third law dictates that with new arrivals come departures, we’ve also got a handful of places to savor now, since we won’t have them for much longer. (Cue the analogy to the changing of the leaves here, etc. You get the idea.) Restaurants like the beloved Queens sushi restaurant Takesushi, which is closing in October after more than four decades in business. Or Al Coro, one of the city’s few two-Michelin-starred restaurants, which is set to close by the end of the year.

So, while you seek out the new new over at Misipasta, make some time (and room) for some of Melissa Rodriguez’s linguine. Share a family-style feast over at Family Meal at Blue Hill or Falansai. Go on dining adventures in the East Village over at Foxface Natural and Jazba, the latest from the Junoon team. This is your Resy Hit List for September.

6. Lala’s Brooklyn Apizza at Grimm Taproom

  • East Williamsburg

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